Legwatch2019.doc. 1-19.

LR 9: Wayne. To call a constitutional convention to reverse a U.S. Supreme Court rulings that overturned liberal campaign finance laws. BAD RESOLUTION/

LB 18: Briese. To levy sales taxes on Internet purchases from companies whose gross revenue from NE sales exceeds $100,000 or whose deliveries exceed 200+ in separate transactions. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 39: Hilkemann. Not wearing a car seat belt would constitute a primary offense. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 50: Vargas. To raise the state income tax on individuals earning over $100,000 or married couples earning over $200,000. To levy an additional 1% income tax on taxable income exceeding $1 million and an additional 2% income tax on taxable income exceeding $2 million. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 58: Morfeld. To allow authorities to take guns away from people only suspected of presenting a danger. Liberals claim the objective is to remove guns from those who might use them for mass shootings or terrorism. Called extreme risk protection orders or risk warrant, they can last for a few weeks or up to 1 year. This legislation does not require a diagnosis of mental illness or criminal conviction. The NRA and conservatives oppose this bill, because it does not protect gun owner due process or provide mental health treatment. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 44: Chambers. To eliminate the state death penalty. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 83: Wayne. To eliminate the 2-year waiting period for felons to vote following completion on their sentence or probation. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 84: Wayne. To reduce federal taxable income by 65% of wages paid to a convicted felon in NE or another state, for the first year of employment. The total deduction for each individual cannot exceed $20,000. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 85: Wayne. All NE cities that enact and administer a local building code must adopt a rental housing inspection program to enforce provisions of the building code for all residential rental property within the city limits. All such property must become registered in the city, except federal subsidized housing. Rentals must be inspected at least once every 3 years. Supplemental inspections must occur after any complaint. Landlords must pay annual inspection fees. Fines levied for failure to comply with registration requirements or failure to pay fines or interest for late payments. Additional inspection fees for required re-inspections. Cities would enforce collection of unpaid fees and fines. This proposed nuisance law would penalize conscientious landlords along with slumlords. BAD BILL/ URBAN COMMITTEE

LB 86: Wayne. To raise the documentary stamp tax on real estate transactions and divert additional funding to government subsidized housing. BAD BILL/REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 88: Wayne. To give a $5,000 state income tax credit to anyone who buys a primary residence home in a blighted area. If a homeowner moves or sells his home within 5 years after receiving the credit, the Dept. of Revenue will reclaim the credit. However, there is no reliable enforcement mechanism. BAD BLL/ URBAN COMMITTEE

LB 89: Wayne. To lessen criminal penalties for possession of marijuana. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 90: Wayne. To make post- release supervision optional for Class IV felonies. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 98: Wayne. To double the number of signatures needed to access NE partisan ballots, freezing out many conscientious candidates. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 120: Crawford. To force public school teachers and staff to take training in behavioral and mental health. BAD BILL/ EDUCATION COMMITTEE

LB 130: DeBoer. To require more burdensome and expensive minimum standards for radon resistant new construction. BAD BILL/ URBAN COMMITTEE

LB 131: Pansing Brooks. To require minimum prison sentences to be not more than 1/3 of the maximum sentence for the crime. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 132: Pansing Brooks. To reduce the minimum prison term for someone under 19 convicted of a Class IC or Class ID felony to a minimum term only and not a mandatory minimum sentence. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 136: Wayne. To force citizens to reside in more densely-populated neighborhoods and to require every residential neighborhood to have a specific amount of subsidized housing for the poor and minorities. BAD BILL/ URBAN COMMITTEE

LB 162: Hunt. To impose state sales tax on tattooing, tanning, and electrolysis. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 165: Hunt. To prohibit suspension or expulsion of early childhood ed or kiddiegarden students who disrupt school activities or willfully defy school authorities except in a few circumstances. BAD BILL/ EDUCATION COMMITTEE

LB 167: Hunt. To prohibit conversion therapy advertising. No medical professional could provide conversion therapy to anyone under 18. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 168: Hunt. Sending your child to conversion therapy to cure him or her of confused sexual orientation or gender identification would become child abuse. BAD BILL/JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 169: Hunt. To allow criminals convicted of 3 or more felonies for possession or use of illegal drugs to become eligible for food stamps, a right removed by previous legislation. BAD BILL/ HEALTH COMMITTEE

LB 175: Chambers. To prohibit one political candidate committee from making contributions to another candidate committee, a common practice when one candidate committee dissolves. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 176: Chambers. To remove mandatory minimum prison penalties for Class ID and Class IC felonies. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 177: Lindstrom. To allow natural resource districts to continue to issue bonds paid for by property taxes to 2029 instead of ending this year. BAD BILL/ NATURAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE

LB 182: Bolz. To allow local school districts to levy income taxes on residents. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 201: McCollister. Any gas station utilizing multi-product motor vehicle fuel dispensers with 6 or more fueling pumps must make such advertised automotive spark ignition engine fuel available at every 5 fueling pumps. BAD BILL/ AG COMMITTEE

LB 207: Morfeld. To create the Death Penalty Defense Standards Advisory Council to undermine our state death penalty. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 210: Crawford. The posting on the Internet or other publication or distribution of a voter guide would require the sponsor to report such expenditure as a campaign expenditure to the Accountability & Disclosure Commission. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 213: McCollister. For anyone convicted of an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony but not sentenced to a term of imprisonment of more than 1 year, such person may, after completion of his or her sentence, petition the sentencing court to set aside the conviction. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 230: Pansing Brooks. To prevent juvenile facilities from using room confinement of a juvenile for longer than 1 hour during a 24-hour period. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 231: Pansing Brooks. To create a taxpayer-funded Juvenile Indigent Defense Fund . BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 238: Pansing Brooks: To force 2 members of the Legislature to continuously witness the execution process from the moment the convicted person enters the execution chamber until declared dead or the execution is halted. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 253: McCollister. To adopt a redistricting plan that is disadvantageous to conservatives. BAD BILL/ EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

LB 255: McCollister. To allow food stamp recipients to retain eligibility while employed or in training. To increase the gross income eligibility limit to 140% of the federal poverty level to qualify for welfare payments. BAD BILL/ HEALTH COMMITTEE

LB 261: DeBoer. Any map introduced as part of a legislative bill or an amendment to a legislative bill for purposes of drawing district boundaries must use state-issued computer software. Such a computer program easily could become skewed in order to disadvantage conservative voters. BAD BILL/ EXECUTIVE BOARD

LB 267: Bolz. To allow counties to levy a property tax to repair bridges. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 282: Hansen. To allow defendants charged with one of several misdemeanors or violation of a city or county ordinance to avoid posting bail and become released on their personal recognizance, placing victims and witnesses at high risk. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 283: Pansing Brooks. To require UN-L to conduct a climate change study and mitigating action plan costing up to $250,000. BAD BILL/EXECUTIVE BOARD

LB 284: McCollister. To tax Internet sales if a remote seller has gross revenue from NE sales over $100,000 or if it makes 200 or more separate sales in the current or previous calendar year. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 300: Lathrop. To increase salaries for NE Supreme Court justices by 7%, way above the inflation rate. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 306: Crawford. To give workers compensation to anyone who declines to come to work to care for a family member or relative. BAD BILL/ BUSINESS COMMITTEE

LB 309: Lathrop. To add another district court judge in Douglas County, increasing county expenses for this judge and other needed staff. BAD BILL/ JUDICIAL COMMITTEE

LB 311: Crawford. To require businesses to offer paid family and medical leave, curtailing business profitability. 6 weeks off to care for a family member and up to 12 weeks to care for a baby or oneself. BAD BILL/ BUSINESS COMMITTEE

LB 314: Briese. To raise the tax from 31c to $1.38 per gallon of beer, to raise tax from 95c to $3.51 per gallon of wine, and from 6c to $2.62 per gallon of liquor. A 1/2c hike in the state sales tax. An income tax surcharge on incomes of $250,000 or more for individuals and $500,000 or more for a couple. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 336: M. Hansen. To allow government subdivisions to exceed their budget levies by 1% by a simple majority of votes instead of 75% of votes. BAD BILL/ GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE

LB 338: Wayne. To raise the state gas tax calculation in order to give additional funds to Omaha to improve its unimproved streets. BAD BILL/ REVENUE COMMITTEE

LB 345: Wishart. To prohibit mandatory work overtime hours for NE prison system employees, more than 12 hrs. daily or 7 days straight without a day off. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 346: Wishart. To force the state to reimburse local school districts for a higher amount of special education costs, 60%. BAD BILL/ EDUCATION COMMITTEE

LB 350: Morfeld. To exempt from budget limitations, for school districts with more than 1,000 students, expenditures up to $100,000, and for districts with 1,000 or fewer students, up to $50,000 for expanded learning opportunity programs. BAD BILL/ EDUCATION COMMITTEE

LB 351: Morfeld. To allow school districts to exceed their property tax levying authority or bonding authority for cybersecurity and violence prevention. BAD BILL/ EDUCATION COMMITTEE

LB 352: Morfeld. To restrict the use of jailhouse informants. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 369: Vargas. To require jails, law enforcement agencies, and the State Patrol to give public notice before making agreements with federal immigration authorities to enforce our immigration laws. BAD BILL/ JUDICIARY COMMITTEE

LB 383: Quick. To increase the state minimum wage of $9 per hour every year matching the consumer price index inflation rate. No annual rate hike could exceed 3.5%. BAD BILL/

LB 393: Groene. To raise the real estate documentary stamp tax from $2.25 to $3.25 for each $1,000 value. BAD BILL/

LB 396: M. Hansen. To eliminate continuance provisions that allow for continuances only for extraordinary causes and require deposits of rental unit payments. BAD BILL/

LB 401: Quick. To establish a taxpayer-funded multi-state passenger rail system. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 402: Hilkemann. To repeal a law so that persons convicted of 3 or more felonies for drug use, possession, or sale can again become eligible for food stamps. BAD BILL/

LB 408: Quick. To give worker compensation death benefits to non-family individuals. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 424: Quick. To allow expansion of municipal land banks that compete with private businesses. BAD BILL/

LB 426: DeBoer. To allow unmarried adults of either sex to adopt children. BAD BILL/

LB 429: Wayne. To raise taxes on cigars to 20% of purchase price. BAD BILL/

LB 435: M. Hansen. If a rental tenant complained against his landlord, an adverse action by landlord against tenant presumed to be retaliatory. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 436: M. Hansen. To create a bureaucratic Complete Count Commission to develop, recommend, and assist in the administration of the 2020 census to encourage full participation. Outreach to community organizers and multilingual media. BAD BILL/ IN COMMITTEE

LB 439: Crawford. To include chiropractic services in Medicaid services offered. BAD BILL/

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