Who We Are

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom
P.O Box 6452
Omaha, NE. 68106-0452

Telephone: (402) 551-0921

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is a non-partisan grass roots organization dedicated to freedom by fiscal restraint.  Hence our motto:

“Freedom, not Socialism”

and our Mission Statement:
NTF works to educate Nebraska taxpayers about citizenship and working actively within our republic for the restoration and preservation of constitutionally limited government and our capitalist system, with emphasis on personal responsibility and freedom.

Our mission comes from Samuel Adams, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people”.

That is why Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom leads the charge in the State of Nebraska by educating its members about important local, state, and national political, economic, and social issues. NTF membership entitles one to borrow from our immense collection of research files, books, and video/audio lending library.

NTF members receive a periodic newsletter and project packets to keep them current on crucial issues and events. The great English conservative Edmund Burke warned that, “For evil to triumph, it is necessary only that good men do nothing.” We teach our members how to lobby their public officials through letter-writing, phone calls, and personal meetings, write editorials to newspapers, call in to radio talk shows, follow legislation in the state legislature and U.S. Congress, monitor school board, University board of regent, and NRD activities, protect gun owner rights, and stem illegal immigration.
We are affiliated with the National Taxpayers Union, the Nebraska Tea Party Patriots, and the Nebraska Conservative Coalition Network.

We are a taxpayer advocacy organization dedicated to our mission of education.  In support of our mission statement we adhere to the following Guiding Principles:

  • To shrink government, we must increase citizen involvement
  • Education, not indoctrination, and empowerment, not entitlement
  • Fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets, spending caps, elimination of waste, and a sound money supply
  • Personal responsibility including civic duty with honesty and integrity
  • Unalienable rights endowed by the creator, not government
  • Rule of laws, not men, and equal rights, not equal outcomes
  • Democratic republic, not a democracy, and majority rule/minority rights
  • Free-market economy, private property rights and minimal government regulations (government not choosing winners and losers)
  • Accountability of elected officials and transparency of their policies
  • Peace through strength as a sovereign nation with secure borders
  • Freedom, not socialism