Congressman Don Bacon will hold two town hall gatherings on April 29th!

NTF Tax Day Rally

NTF hosted a taxpayers’ rally
at Walnut Grove Park in Omaha, NE on Monday, April 17. Keynote speaker was Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert. Other speakers included City Council members Aimee Melton and conservative council candidate Brinker Harding.

NTF worksheet: president36.doc. 2-17.
Even before President Trump assumed office, the virulent Left was plotting and conspiring to destroy his conservative agenda and presidency. Similar to how the Communist Party organizes its cells, the Left has mobilized and continues to organize small groups of radical activists, already a formidable opposition movement. Trained by veteran community organizers, these groups steadily are engaging in a variety of efforts, including mass marches, confrontations at public meetings, saturating congressional offices with emails and phone calls, and media interviews. The Liberal media not only offers them the means to reach a large segment of the public but also offers them selective favorable coverage while portraying conservatives and our President in a negative way. The Left has begun harassing the offices of conservative congressmen with sit-ins, intrusive videos, and other disruptions, obstructing and frightening their staff. By maintaining relentless pressure on conservative representatives and senators, Hate Trump leftists seek to weaken their political ties to and votes with the Trump Administration. Loud and brash, these radicals pledge a continuous resistance to Trump initiatives. Their ranks swell with the subsidized and non-working proletariat, flush with high school and college students radicalized by their union teachers and Marxist professors.

Stung by the Trump freeze on federal hiring and his pledge to “drain the swamp” in the federal bureaucracy, union employees are fighting back. Employees purposely leak memos and sabotage the Trump efforts to streamline and trim the bloated bureaucracy and slice away waste, inefficiencies, and fraud. Agency employees use their government computers to post messages and commentary contrary to the President’s directives. This entrenched, intransigent civil service can slow the progress of Trump rules and regulations. The liberal federal bureaucracy will sabotage the Trump Agenda as much as possible. Example: The Justice Dept. asst.-secretary who refused to enforce the Trump immigration restriction. Liberal federal judges try to block Trump reforms continually.

Congressional leftists in the House and Senate are plotting to delay, destroy, or at least dilute Trump legislation to lower taxes and spending, keep out Muslim terrorists, protect the lives of unborn babies, and rid commerce of strangling and job-killing rules and regulations.

The controlled, liberal print, radio, and TV media deliver daily poisonous commentary about the Trump Agenda, pounding the President on every issue with flagrantly biased coverage.

Liberal-controlled institutions like universities and increasingly our public schools churn out a steady pabulum of leftwing indoctrination, goading their students to protest and march against the Trump Agenda.

The international Left coordinates closely with their American comrades to mobilize simultaneous marches, riots, and attacks on private property and businesses.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To confront, counter, and overwhelm this Leftist onslaught, conservatives must take action now! Though many conservatives gratefully volunteered to elect Donald Trump, now is not the time to fade into the political wilderness. Our President campaigned hard for us, won, and now has embarked on a journey to restore our nation to the constitutional foundation bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers. He needs and deserves our help. Join us today to Make America Great Again!

NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR TRUMP: A project of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom.

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Annual dues: $10. Mail to Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, P.O. Box 6452, Omaha, NE. 68106. If you already are a dues-paid NTF member, no additional dues necessary.


Valuation11.doc. 1-17.

Step 1: Between January 17, 2017 and February 10, 2017, call 402-444-6734 to schedule an informal meeting with a personal appraiser through the Douglas County Assessor. The office schedules appointments on a first call first served basis. You also may mail, email, or drop off information to the appraiser to review. All information must reach the Assessor’s Office by February 28. Understand, however, that waiting until the last minute to drop off information may not allow time for appraiser to conduct a thorough review of your documentation and reach a decision.

Step 2: Bring to the meeting supporting documents to bolster your arguments, such as appraisals, comparable market analysis (CMA) from a realtor, valuations of properties like your home and home sale prices in your neighborhood, home inspection analysis by certified home inspector, photos of deplorable conditions in your home, such as water damage, bowed basement walls or roofs, crumbling driveway, etc. with repair estimates from contractors, and neighborhood issues such as abandoned properties or encroachment of rental units. Bring 2 copies of all supporting documentation besides your master copy, which you keep. Note that the office will not return your photos.

Step 3: Go to your meeting on time at the City-County Bldg. 1819 Farnam Street. You can park at a meter or in a nearby parking garage. Go to the 4th Floor Assessor Office and check in at the front desk with an office employee. This employee will escort you to an appraiser.

Step 4: A homeowner can review his/her property record file, and the appraiser will explain the basis of the set valuation on the home. Then the homeowner can provide relevant information to the appraiser regarding why he or she believes the valuation is set too high. Precisely state why you believe your valuation is incorrect. Show supporting documentation.

a. Equalization—Argue with evidence that property is assessed higher than comparable properties in your neighborhood.
b. Valuation—Provide evidence that property could not be sold for the assessec Value assigned to it by the County Assessor.

Step 5: Assessor staff will review all the information and make a decision, which the office will post on its website by May 15 http://www.dcassessor.org/valuation-lookup.

Step 6: If you believe your valuation still wrong, you can file a formal protest with the Douglas County Board of Equalization between June 1 and June 30, 2017.

Doug Kagan explains why a mandatory e-verify law would screen out illegal aliens, and they wouldn’t be able to get jobs. KPTM Fox 42 regarding whether illegal immigrants help or hurt us


Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom again protested the treatment of taxpayers by officeholders in Nebraska and Congress. “We continue to protest against taxes and illegal immigration,” said Doug Kagan, NTF president, “because elected officeholders continue to anger us with high taxes, higher debt, excessive spending, burdensome regulations on businesses, and undeserved privileges for illegal aliens.”

With themes of ” No Taxation without Representation” and “No Illegal Immigration without Representation,” taxpayers rallied on Friday, July 29, at Walnut Grove Park, 150th & Q Streets, Omaha.

Keynote speakers included Att.-Gen. Doug Peterson, Mayor Jean Stothert, congressional candidate Don Bacon, and Dr. Mark Christian from the Global Faith Institute speaking on radical Islam. Those attending visited and met with conservative state and local candidates and officeholders.

Our tea party also featured patriotic music, contests, drawings for prizes, and a Liberty Tree.

Australian Sentiment On Immigration Put To Song

Ann Corcoran speaks out on Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America. View her on video and read her book:
From “YouTube” web site
Ann Corcoran’s book on-line

From YouTube.com:
Islamic Invasion Of Sweden

Activities and Issues at NTF:


NTF Issue Paper: legwatch138.doc. 10-15. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: PROTECT NEBRASKA NOW: STOP THE INFLUX OF MUSLIM REFUGEES. BACKGROUND. The U.S. accepts over twice the number of refugees as all other industrialized nations. We settled almost 70,000 refugees from the Mideast in 2014 and continue to accept about 1,000 monthly. The number of Syrian and other Muslim refugees will surge in the next few years, and the Obama Regime Read more »


Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has released its annual report on the conservative voting of members of the Nebraska Unicameral during the 2015 session. NTF rates senators based on their fiscal responsibility, intervention into the private lives of Nebraska citizens, and positions on legislation dealing with law and order. NTF rates state senators based on the most conservative voting record and the least. NTF tracked 132 bills in the 2015 session. Read more »


Awarded by NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM to the following Papio-Mo. River Natural Resources Board members who we believe voted to fund unneeded dams, raise our property taxes by 22% in 2015, fund unneeded bonds in their budget that have raised and will raise our property taxes, acquiesced in violation of the open meetings law, sold surplus property at below market value, and censured a fellow board member for exposing NRD creative accounting and Read more »


The Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom celebrated independence with family, relatives and friends at its July 3 Independence Day Rally at the Walnut Grove Park @ 150th & Q Street Omaha, Nebraska from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Patriotic music, door prizes, free food and drinks, and a great group of patriotic people highlighted the event. It was an opportunity to put questions to some of our elected officials. Guest Speakers Included: Senator Ben Sasse Read more »

NTF Opposes Minimum Wage Increase

As too often happens, liberal voices supporting a minimum wage increase outnumbered fiscal conservatives during testimony at the State Capitol. One Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom member did uphold retaining the current minimum wage in the November election. View the Lincoln television news coverage. Read more »