NTF issue paper: cong189.doc. 9-20.

. In other issue papers, NTF has discussed how Red China has infiltrated our college campuses by using their Confucius Institutes to engage in subversion and espionage. The highest levels of the Chinese communist government control the Confucius Institutes, which act as a tool to legitimize that authoritarian government internationally. Ultimately, Beijing seeks to shape public opinion on China and censor or silence discussions of important political and human rights issues, such as those relating to Tibet, Taiwan, Falun Gong practitioners, Hong Kong, and the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. At one time numbering over 100, now, only 78 U.S. colleges and universities host these Institutes that muzzle free speech and promote Red Chinese propaganda on our campuses. Finally, a congressman has mustered the courage to sponsor legislation to at least control these foreign suspect entities.

. Conservative Cong. Chip Roy (TX.) introduced HR 7138 to amend the 1965 federal higher education act. Co-sponsor is conservative Cong. Louie Gohmert (TX.). This bill currently is in the House Education & Labor Committee, awaiting a vote to advance to the full House for debate. Under this legislation, every American college campus hosting a Confucius Institute must make an agreement with the Chinese Language Council International, known as the Hanban, which oversees and funds Institutes, to clearly define the differences between Institute programs and regular college Chinese language and cultural programs. Stronger language in these agreements would clarify that a college retains all decision-making authority over the Institute. The Institute must locate physically apart from and separate its publicity from promotion of regular college Chinese language, history, and cultural programs. The bill removes the Red Chinese assistant director position from the Institutes and subjects all staff and professors to federal background checks. All Institute programs must become publicly available online. No confidentiality sections in contracts. Colleges must have final decision authority on conference themes, guest speakers, and topics for events on campus.

. Examples abound of Chicom officials placing pressure on U.S. universities that host these Institutes to avoid making statements or hosting events on topics the Reds consider politically sensitive, like Hong Kong or Tibet. All Chinese teachers at the Institutes must sign contracts with the Chicom government pledging to not damage Red Chinese national interests. Our government has a duty to manage oversight of foreign programs to protect our students from foreign communist propaganda.

. Conservative Sen. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.) introduced a Senate companion bill, S.3453, with identical content. This bill is in the Senate Health, Education, & Labor Committee, awaiting a vote to advance to the full Senate for debate. She seeks to minimize Chicom efforts to exert subversive influences on U.S. university campuses through Confucius Institutes. At many schools, Confucius Institutes have acted as extensions of the Chinese Communist Party. Blackburn believes these Institutes an affront to academic freedom, because Chinese officials pressure faculty at U.S. universities that host Confucius Institutes to avoid speaking about or hosting events that might embarrass Beijing. Red China uses the Institutes to muzzle criticism of crackdowns in Hong Kong and ethnic cleansing in Sinkiang Province, simultaneously indoctrinating our students with its party line. Her bill would establish specific standards to negate malign Confucius Institute influences or convince them to leave. It would pressure universities in NE and elsewhere to promote American democratic values. Blackburn understands that the Chicoms use these Institutes to create influence on our college campuses. Her bill would give college administrations more authority to resist Institute propaganda and pressure campaigns. The bill ensures Red China cannot unduly influence and pressure decisions at our universities because of the presence of a Confucius Institute. No foreign government should have the ability to pressure U.S. universities to change their curriculum or suppress politically sensitive content. Senator Blackburn led a group of Senate colleagues to urge Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to exercise necessary oversight over Confucius Institutes.

. Both UN-L and UN-O host Confucius Institutes. These Institutes located on college campuses are a Trojan horse for Communist China to influence our students. They receive direction and funding from Red China and supply colleges with professors pushing propaganda onto susceptible students. To defend the values of our academic institutions, NE universities immediately should end their partnerships with the Confucius Institutes. Using the information above, lobby your representative and 2 senators to vote YES on HR 7138 and S. 3453. Email netaxpayers@gmail.com for congressional contact information, request our other Confucius Institute issue papers, and join our NTF Congress Watch Project.

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