NTF: Flurry of Exciting Activities

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom experienced a busy year in 2018, with a flurry of exciting activities, including rallies and workshops.

NTF helped pass a City of Omaha budget that cut expenditures on non-basic programs. Lobbying by NTF members stopped the Legislature from passing a tax hike. NTF members lobbied to retain the Trump federal tax cut. We stopped natural resource district boards from gaining bonding authority that would raise our property taxes. We also began a Conservative Consumerism Project to urge NTF members to buy products and services from conservatives and boycott products and services from liberal companies. Unfortunately, the November election results, particularly Medicaid expansion, were not encouraging for fiscal conservatives. Now, additional political challenges face conservatives in 2019.

Unfortunately, too many conservatives are apathetic, content to only complain and expect someone else to carry on the fight. In the 2018 general election, leftist numbers always seemed to greatly outnumber conservative volunteers.

Though our membership is growing, we need more activism from motivated members. The success of NTF projects depends on your support! Every little effort helps. “It does not require a majority to prevail, only an irate minority,” said Sam Adams. Please agree to participate in at least one of the following projects:

PRESIDENT WATCH: This project commits to promoting the economic agenda of President Trump, including future comprehensive tax reform, budget cutting, and regulation relief.
CONGRESS WATCH: Our project instructs members how to monitor votes and lobby their Capitol Hill delegation on crucial tax, spending, and regulation bills and resolutions. NTF issues an annual voting record.
LEGISLATURE WATCH: NTF actively lobbies state senators on tax and spending reform. Members lobby and carefully monitor votes and voting patterns of state senators. NTF issues an annual voting record. Our coalition petition for property tax relief is part of this project.
COUNTY WATCH: This project allows NTF members to track the tax and spending behavior of county commissioners in their annual budgets and other fiscal matters. We offer commissioners suggestions to rein in profligate spending on non-necessities and bloated union contracts. NTF issues an annual voting record.

CITY WATCH: This NTF project instructs members how to lobby Omaha city council members and the mayor to act in a fiscally conservative manner and implement ordinances to give citizens more efficient services under a leaner budget. NTF issues an annual voting record.

PROJECT IMMIGRATION: This project educates and instructs members how to lobby and monitor their local, state, and federal elected officials to stem the tide of illegal immigration into Nebraska and take immediate steps to deport illegal aliens and therefore save taxpayer dollars unnecessarily spent on education, welfare, and medical, law enforcement, and incarceration services.
EDUCATION WATCH: We provide information and materials to members interested in increasing educational responsibility and choice. We believe that public schools must undergo fundamental administrative restructuring to make them more responsive and efficient in meeting the academic needs of children and more accountable for what students actually learn. NTF supports increased parental input and control, education savings accounts, school vouchers, and charter schools. We oppose Common Core and draconian truancy laws.

UNIVERSITY WATCH: We provide information and materials to members interested in increasing fiscal and curricular educational responsibility in our state post-secondary institutions. We believe that the University and college systems must undergo fundamental fiscal and academic reform to make them more responsive and efficient and provide a secure environment for conservative students.
NATURAL RESOURCES DISTRICT WATCH: This project instructs our members how to conduct research and lobby and monitor natural resource district board members regarding the necessity to concentrate on flood control and erosion problems and stop the trend toward confiscating private property to build unnecessary dams for recreational purposes and that favor private developers. NTF continually fights bonding authority for NRDs that would raise our property taxes. NTF publishes an annual voting record.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS WATCH. This project promotes deregulation and free market competition in the telecommunications industry in NE. We stand vigilant against obscene high taxes and fees, federal and state over-regulation, and privacy invasion. We advocate advancing technology in telecom commerce.

CONSERVATIVE CONSUMERISM. NTF encourages members to boycott products and services of liberal-supporting companies and leftist individuals and purchase products and services from conservative-oriented businesses.

Please download and fill out the coupon below and mail it back as soon as possible to NTF, P.O. Box 6452, Omaha, NE. 68106. Or, simply email your choice of project(s) to netaxpayers@gmail.com. Remember, when conservatives refuse to challenge liberals, the liberals win!
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