This Could Happen to Us…

Omaha suffers from constantly rising labor costs.  We take on more than we ever should.  These things have consequences.  Take it from Bob Deis, City Manager, Stockton, California, as he writes “A Message From the City That Went Bankrupt” for the Wall Street Journal.

If we do not contain costs and battle union demands for ever increasing benefits, eventually citizens will refuse to pay more and more taxes.  If sales taxes, thinly disguised as “occupation taxes” continue, people will shop elsewhere – and move elsewhere.  Then debt will grow.  Our credit rating has been recently downgraded.  Think we can never be another Stockton?

Be informed.  Vote wisely.  Know the issues driving spending – and therefore your taxes – up.  You have resources available at NTF:

Get involved.  Make a difference!

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