You read that right.  NTF wants to coin a new phrase to convey its members’ fervent belief that FREEDOM always comes with RESPONSIBILITY.  

The right to vote is one of our most cherished freedoms, but let’s remind ourselves once again that voting is also a responsibility. Responsible citizens do their homework to ensure their vote has the desired effect.  Sorry to be the one to tell you that homework doesn’t end just because school does, and freedom isn’t free.

If you are NOT registered to vote, stop reading and print out the Nebraska registration form from the following link: Fill it out and follow the instructions given.  (Please note:  if you are not a citizen of the U. S., you do NOT have the right to vote in our elections, no matter what some politicians may tell you.)

If you ARE a legal citizen and registered to vote, please print out the NTF voter guide and use it on your sample ballot, obtained at this link,, approximately five (5) weeks before the election.  Every voter should receive a Polling Place Information Card from the county of residence to designate polling place and the local offices for which you are eligible to vote. Each candidate on the NTF voter guide is considered to be the best fiscally conservative choice at the time.  Keep in mind, we are working to RESTORE a fiscally responsible government and that may require baby steps at first to start the momentum in the right direction.  

Once you’ve voted, your job has just begun.  Track the election results, and regardless of who wins, track their performance and voting records.  NTF can assist you in this process. Visit this website frequently for all your voter needs.  

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