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. The House and Senate will vote soon on a 4th coronavirus stimulus bill. Liberal congressmen and leftist groups have complained loudly that illegal aliens have not benefited from the largesse extended by the previous 3 bills and seek to include illegals in legislated federal government handouts and services. Conservatives must mobilize immediately to stop Congress from spending our tax dollars on emergency services and other benefits for illegal aliens.

. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Democrat bloc in the House sponsor HR 6800. Div. S, Title XII in this bill expands direct payment eligibility to illegal aliens who pay taxes. They would receive federal checks totaling $17.5 billion to help them pay mortgage, rent, and utility costs or anything else. They would receive maximum food stamp benefits. Illegals tabbed as employed in essential services would avoid deportation. Essential services include food and restaurant services, retail food and beverage services, laundries, garbage collection, child care, agriculture, construction, and transportation services. Delayed deportation for other illegal aliens. Illegals whose immigration status, employment authorization, or other authorized period of stay is expiring would win extension of such status, especially for infrastructure workers and H-2B recipients. During the COVID-19 crisis time, hiring or employing illegal aliens not considered an immigration violation. For fiscal years 2021 and 2022, the number of family-sponsored immigrants in the diversity category increased. The Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) must review immigration files of every illegal in custody to assess the need for continued detention. The DHS Secretary must prioritize for release illegals by personal recognizance or by other alternatives to detention unless deemed a threat to public safety or national security. Non-profit organizations like the ACLU can provide legal counsel to detained illegals, permitted wide and flexible access to such immigrants. These groups can provide coaching using remote videoconferencing and schedule orientations for illegals using free phone calls or remote videoconferencing. Visas due to expire or that have expired extended. DHS automatically must extend visas and work permits for an indefinite period for all foreign guest workers in the U.S. The bill automatically raises the number of these available visas. The legislation includes a provision to expedite the permanent importation of foreign health care professionals, otherwise not legal immigrants, who would take jobs of tens of thousands of U.S. health care professionals furloughed or terminated during the pandemic. 1.4 MILLION medical workers laid off so far.

. Several leftist groups do not believe that this bill helps illegal aliens sufficiently. The Center for American Progress wants Congress to dispense relief checks to illegal aliens while placing them on unemployment insurance and Medicaid rolls, costing hundreds of billions.1 The unemployment rate for illegal immigrants in April, 2020 was about 19.3%. The Migration Policy Institute calculates that 6 million illegal aliens would obtain free medical insurance. In 2017, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) found that illegal aliens already received over $29 billion in government-paid medical services annually.

. Granting financial and other federal benefits to illegal aliens insults American workers and erodes public trust in our government. Taxpayers should not fund unemployment programs for illegals who lost jobs they held illegally. HR 6800 would hinder deportation of illegal aliens and grant virtual amnesty to millions of illegals who take American jobs in this depressed economy. Call your representative today to vote NO on HR 6800, using the information above, and email netaxpayers@gmail.com to join our NTF Congress Watch Project.
Congressman Don Bacon: 402-938-0300
Congressman Jeff Fortenberry: Lincoln 402-438-1598, Norfolk 402-379-2064
Congressman Adrian Smith: Grand Island 308-384-3900, Scottsbluff 308-633-6333

Research, documentation, and analysis for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 5-20. C

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