There is political strategy used by many world leaders since the invention of the photograph and the radio. It is to use children to advance an agenda. With this young Norwegian girl traveling the world, now the face of the man-made global warming hoax, children are becoming pawns to deliver propaganda. This is no different than the young demonstrators on immigration policy and gun control with older children acting out on occupy Wall Street, black lives matter, gender identity and ironically pro-abortion legislation. The organizers also know there is more money to be made by complaining than solving any problems.

Children engender emotion that starts a mob psychology that causes many to suspend logic, not realizing the unintended consequences of their message. This all started two generations ago with a generation of parents not filtering this propaganda before their children entered school.

Children only know what parents tell them until they go to school where they are supposed to be taught problem solving and civics along with reading, writing and arithmetic. I have noticed all these skill sets eroding when I interview high school and college students. Today, they seem much more versed in social issues and not the fundamentals of business and problem solving.

Our public education system has been identified by liberals as the perfect place to infect future citizens with ideas that advances their talking points and encourages more government control. This builds their foundation for socialism. Many young people believe global warming is the greatest threat to their future and blame their parents and greedy businesses for not addressing their fear.

Children are becoming foot soldiers to fight this liberal war at these, made for media, demonstrations. How do these children get out of school, arrive at distant locations, fed and housed to protest issues they know nothing about? Are schools organizing and paying for this? Someone is giving these kids, money, signs and taught chants that demand all guns be confiscated, fossil fuel be eliminated and insist government solve all their problems. They have no explanation as to where the money will come to implement these untested and failed ideas, if they have any solutions at all. They probably think in will come from the same place that paid for their school trip.

If public schools are facilitating this, is this the best way to use tax dollars? Is this interfering with their education that is costing all of us over $15,000 per year per student? If this continues we will have a future generation unable to think for themselves, not employable and become part of the problem.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.
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