Editorial: Education Associations and Planned Parenthood

By: Keith Kube

There are relationships that no one would ever imagine they would be bed partners. The relationship between the National Education Association and Planned Parenthood is one example. One is supposedly dedicated to training our future citizens with the other focuses on killing the future generation before they are born. Both wrap themselves in the vale of compassion and care but one promotes dysfunctionality while the other carries it out. These two groups are now co-existing with their dual purpose to propagandize our future citizens with liberal talking points and justify the killing of children.

No one can be against education as it is our future and no one can honestly support murder of our future citizens. All parents desire their children be successful, productive, contributing members of society with the odds for improving that outcome happening through education. Then why would an association of teachers have their leadership involved with a group that supports infanticide?

Why? Because it advances the liberal agenda that wants to control population growth and believes man is destroying the planet. In the limit they want fewer people who do only what they are told. They want to overthrow our capitalistic constitutional republic with socialism and political control by bureaucrats who think they are royalty.

This hypocritical atrocity has infected our society and is promoted by leaders in the high school and college education industry. Our education system is the main source of political correctness, socialism, situational ethics, gender issues, climate alarmism and historical revisions. Their belief that all education is useful and applicable is no longer true. Their definition of education is to repeat talking points with no concept of problem solving. They actually teach to never solve problems, only to find more problems as there is more money in complaining than fixing. Their mission is to generate more victims to advance a population control and wealth redistribution under a socialistic government.

This system produces fake news journalist, community activists, environmental extremists and social justice warriors that riot, hiding under masks of Antifa mobs and anarchists. These education leaders are deciding what is best of our future generation under the Trojan Horse of education which is actually closer to propaganda.

At this year’s National Education Association meeting, there was no hiding the agenda of what The Association stands for. It supports abortion and promoting transgender studies under the guise of compassion, civility and diversity. NEA president Lily Eskelsen said: “The National Education Association vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion.”

The intimidation of teachers by the State and National Education associations to advance this thinking and pay dues is closer to mafia tactics fueling the demise of our constitutional republic. These organizations have hijacked our country, producing liberal politicians that have never worked in private industry, declaring our major cities sanctuaries.

It is the ultimate in stupidity to think these same politicians can lead this country to a utopia while every example of a city managed by a Democrat administration has resulted in corruption, pollution and poverty. These cities now resemble third world countries. For the Education Associations of our country to support those with this track record, is incredible.

They use their $400 million in dues, confiscated from honest hard working teachers, to fuel the machinery that supports politicians that advances this disaster. Any educator who believes in our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity must stop drinking the Kool-Aid and take back their association by confronting this insult to our intelligence, divorce their membership and stop giving them money.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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