Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has released its annual report on the conservative voting of members of the Nebraska Unicameral during the 2017 session. NTF rates senators based on their fiscal responsibility, intervention into the private lives of Nebraska citizens, and positions on legislation dealing with law and order.

NTF rates state senators based on the most conservative voting record and the least. NTF tracked 95 bills and resolutions in the 2017 session. Starting at a base of zero, senators received 1.06 credit for each good vote.

In first place was State Senator Steve Erdman (District 47). Placing second was Sen. Robert Clements (District 2). Placing third was Sen. Steve Halloran (District 33).

Placing lowest was State Senator Bob Krist (District 10).

NTF president Doug Kagan explained that the executive committee of the Legislature refuses to place all votes of state senators in the official Unicameral Journal, despite the fact that it is paid for by Nebraska taxpayers.

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