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Look to European nations flooded with Muslim refugees to see what will happen in Nebraska, if we allow these refugees to flood our state. European welfare, medical, judicial, and law enforcement systems overwhelmed; a preview for the U.S. Muslim refugees refusing to assimilate but insisting that Europeans cater to their culture. Predictions warn that up to a third of the residents of major European countries could be Muslim by 2050. The Hillary Regime will force this nightmare on our society, unless we actively stop what now overwhelms Europe.

The German chancellor failed to fully consider warned consequences of inviting in so many Muslims. Almost 15% require immediate medical treatment, about 225,000 migrants. Thousands of Muslim refugees have brought infants and little kids, emaciated and with severe health problems. Hospitals and medical clinics in Germany cannot handle the influx of Muslim emergencies. Muslim women refuse to allow male physicians to treat them. Muslim men refuse to allow female staff to treat them and verbally and physically abuse female practitioners attempting to assist them. One Muslim threw his syphilis-infected urine in the face of a nurse. Hospitals frequently call the police with police dogs to handle unruly Muslim patients. Many migrants suffer from AIDS, syphilis, active TB, and exotic diseases expensive to treat, especially among uncooperative patients. Unfortunately, hospital staffers have contracted several of these diseases. Health care professionals and their volunteers advised to update their immunizations. These refugees refuse to pay for hospital treatment or prescription medicines, causing outbursts from Muslims insisting that host localities or nations pay their entire bills. They threaten to abandon their own children on medical premises if refused treatment or required to pay. In one hospital, a Muslim family attacked a physician and 2 nurses with knives, after the staff failed to save their critical 8-month old child. The doctor underwent surgery; the 2 nurses recovered in an ICU. German hospitals are increasing security to protect doctors and nurses from violent attacks by Muslim migrants unsatisfied with the free medical treatment they are receiving. German taxpayers are paying billions of Euros to give health care to waves of Muslim refugees. German citizens risk exposure to exotic diseases and active TB. About 10,000 arrivals have active TB, but only a few currently quarantined for the required 18-month period. One Muslim asylum-seeker diagnosed with TB escaped from a hospital and remains at large. Municipal health officials say that there were 50 confirmed cases of TB in Dusseldorf. In Berlin, a schoolteacher diagnosed with TB, doctors say probably infected by a Muslim student. In Munich, health officials coped with more than 350 new cases of TB in 2015. Hospital workers suffer under the strain of having to examine up to 80 migrants a day for tuberculosis. Total cost: over 200,000 Euros per patient. In Cologne, police cordoned off a refugee shelter housing more than 1,000 migrants, after a Muslim from Africa showed symptoms of Ebola. The man, who was coughing up blood for more than 3 days before anyone called a doctor, quickly rushed to a local hospital. About 5% of these asylum refugees carry drug-resistant germs, 75,000 with highly- infectious diseases.1 German health officials try to contain the spread of these germs.2 Because of these refugees, basic vaccines against measles, mumps, and rubella in short supply, 16 others not available in Germany. Production bottlenecks mean several vaccines not available until 2017. German parents panic that there are too few vaccines to immunize their own kids. The Ministry of Health usually orders vaccine supplies 1 year in advance, but no one in the government had anticipated that Germany would be accepting so many migrants. Thousands of Muslim children not immunized, with necessary vaccines not readily available from lack of supply. Hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms across Germany filled with migrants suffering every known disease, medical personnel and volunteers complaining of burnout. Doctors in areas with large concentrations of Muslims receive calls all hours of the day and night, making it impossible for them to provide adequate care for their German patients. Diseases reappearing not seen in this nation for years. Health officials now finding African hemorrhagic fever, diphtheria, hepatitis, malaria, measles, meningitis, mumps, polio, scabies, tetanus, typhus, and whooping cough. Escapees from refugee shelters spread flu and Norovirus. More than 1,000 new migrants arrived in Lower Saxony every day, initial medical exams of newcomers backlogged by weeks, a period during which undetected diseases spread. In instances of highly-contagious diseases, patients must become quarantined, costly to taxpayers. Many migrants suffer from traumas and mental illnesses. Half have psych problems like PTS and depression, and 40% threaten suicide.3 German hospitals must hire an array of interpreters, so that physicians can communicate with sick Muslim migrants, who speak dozens of languages and dialects.

The 2.2 million unemployment rate in Germany has spiked to 3.5 million, as Muslim immigrants are unemployable with no needed skills and minimal education. Muslim women refuse to work and 10% pregnant at any time. Unemployment is much higher among Muslim immigrant communities than among the general public. Even in a country with an established Islamic population such as Britain, Muslim unemployment reaches 50% for men and 75% for women. Coupled with their levels of unemployment, these spongers on European social welfare are net recipients of state revenue rather than contributors to it. A study from Denmark showed that, of Muslim migrants who had come there claiming refugee status, only 25% actually had found a job after a decade. Muslims believe themselves entitled to idly profit from the productivity of infidels. A woman considered an ISIS living legend was receiving more than $1,100 a month in government unemployment benefits in Belgium when arrested for plotting to attack a European Union summit in Brussels. Anjem Choudary  a prominent British Muslim, has urged his followers to quit their jobs and claim unemployment benefits, so they could have time to plot holy war. “We [Muslims] take the Jizya, which is ours anyway. The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar [non-Muslim]. They give us the money. You work, give us the money, Allahu Akhbar. We take the money.” 80% of the migrants are unskilled, and 20% are illiterate. They can find employment in industry only if educated. This situation is deteriorating. According to analyst Christopher Caldwell: “In the early 1970s, 2 million of the 3 million foreigners in Germany were in the labor force; by the turn of this century, 2 million of 7.5 million were.”  Similar stories occur in other West European countries. Large numbers of refugees receive unemployment, but that is not their only source of income. Money for the designer sneakers sported by idle Muslim youth comes from drug deals and fenced goods. The number of unemployed Muslim refugees in Germany will rise to 2.5 million, 70% of them also unqualified to work. 

Refugees crowd welfare offices with hands outstretched, demanding everything for free and, not obtaining it, riot. Radical Islamic leaders have revealed that part of their strategy of conquest is exploiting liberal immigration and welfare policies, leeching off generous benefits while plotting to establish Islam as the dominant force in European countries. Terrorists brag about how the system redistributes money from Christians, Jews, and secularists to Islamists and urge Muslim refugees to sign up in droves for unemployment, food stamps, and cash welfare benefits, then donate the monies to underwrite jihad. They view welfare to refugees as a modern day equivalent of the infidels bowing and scraping before their Islamic superiors. The Swedish foreign minister declared that the Muslim refugee flow into her country, with 9.8 million population, will cause its welfare system to collapse under the weight of 190,000 Muslims arriving each year. In Sweden, immigrants now estimated at 1.5 million; immigration estimated to cost almost $14 billion per year.  Sweden expects to spend about 7% of its $100 billion budget in 2016 on refugees. The actual amount is higher, as costs of educating and training those who have already received asylum not included in that figure. Muslim refugees qualify for 7 years of paid leave without working, equal to unemployed women receiving maternal benefits. A major reason why so many Muslims settle in Sweden, Germany, and other Northern European countries is because of generous welfare programs for non-citizens. Other countries without an extensive welfare state do not rank with Sweden. The result of generous European welfare policies has nurtured jihad, according to the Gatestone Institute. These policies slow or stop the process of assimilation, making recruiting easier among a population that remains separated by culture and language from its host.  Welfare transfer payments also give radicals time to recruit and train instead of seeking work. Pampered Muslim men do not look for gainful employment, because welfare checks provide up to 80% of their income. They believe their religious duty to not make economic contributions to the states hosting them. Instead of holding regular jobs, they use time to return to their home nations, where they can train for jihad and return with skills to make bombs in safe houses unmolested by local police, who agree to not raid Muslim neighborhoods out of respect for Muslim culture. Muslims claim disability more than any other group. In the Belgian capital, Muslim refugees constitute about 5% of the population yet utilize about 40-60% of the welfare budget. In the Netherlands, 50-70% of Muslim asylum seekers permanently go on welfare. 70% of Somali asylum seekers still receive welfare, and half of those who have Syrian, Iraqi, or Eritrean nationality live entirely on welfare. Migration Watch calculated that refugee cost to British taxpayers was £16 billion in 2015. In the European welfare state, Muslim immigrants are more dependent on welfare than the average citizen. Because of a lack of higher education and job skills, immigrants absorb a higher percentage of unemployment and social security payments than the average citizen. As a group, they receive more money than they pay in taxes. A group of 20 Syrians is suing the German government, because they had to wait longer than a week for welfare checks, though they cannot win access to government refugee shelters or benefits until their papers processed. An estimated 40% of Muslim refugee youth in France and 50% in Germany now unemployed but far from destitute. They receive a wide range of welfare benefits.  According to a former German interior minister: “Seventy percent of the newcomers [since 2002] land on welfare the day of their arrival.” An estimated 40% of welfare outlays in Denmark go to the 5% of the population that is Muslim. These high levels of welfare parallel high levels of unemployment. Some Muslims interpret welfare payments as a form of jiziya, the poll tax traditionally paid in Islamic societies by non-Muslims as a sign of their submission to Islamic rule. Not only is welfare interpreted as a right due to Muslim recipients, but also it reflects the higher, dominant position of the latter which is embedded in sharia law.  A minority consider draining government coffers a contribution to jihad.  One preacher calls welfare “jihad-seeker allowance.” Welfare payments not restricted to the Muslim disadvantaged. European governments have begun to prosecute prominent individuals engaged in advancing Muslim extremism, yet even those individuals continue to receive their benefits. For example, prominent Islamist imams like Abu Qatada collect benefits in Britain while fighting deportation.  The perception of generous benefits paid to individuals who do not feel they owe anything to host countries fuels resentment and opposition.

A London family of Muslim freeloaders who receive full welfare benefits provoked local outrage by arguing that they deserve to live in a $1 million taxpayer-funded luxury home despite trashing it. The family receives $20,000 annually in housing benefits to pay rent and believe itself entitled to live in the house even while not paying for it. Neighbors of the jobless refugees have complained for years about the family anti-social behavior. One son went to jail for selling drugs. Police receive regular calls. The Victorian house sits on a trendy street near the Thames River. The beleaguered landlord has found doors missing, walls scarred, the driveway pitted, the lawn overgrown, trash covering the garden, and an old sofa and chair piled up on the driveway. The Muslim mother claims persecution from neighbors who dislike foreigners. Nearby, a family of Muslim Somalis receives $1 million annually to live in a posh West London neighborhood. Islamic teachers in Britain encourage Muslims to take benefits from the infidel. 28 people who supported ISIS received welfare in Denmark, collecting up to $134 a day for 2 years. One of the terrorists in the 9/11 conspiracy, Zacarias Moussaoui, received welfare payments while living in London. The family of “Jihadi John,” the university-educated British ISIS member infamous for his beheadings of Western hostages, received welfare for over 20 years. Evidently, European welfare programs help finance jihad against the U.S.

In FY 2013, 91.4% of Muslim refugees accepted to the U.S. between 2008-2013 received food stamps, 73.1% used Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance, and 68.3% received cash welfare.4 40% of Muslim refugees enter the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Over 1/3 mooch Supplemental Security Income. The high welfare rates among Middle Eastern refugees stand out as the Obama Regime increases the number of refugees, invited to the U.S., who are immediately eligible for public benefits, particularly unvetted Syrian refugees.

The large number of young unmarried Muslim men has created social tensions and crime. Over 50% of convicted rapists in Denmark are Muslims, particularly Iranians and Somalis. Muslim immigrants have brought a rape epidemic to Norway. In the capital, Oslo, 100% of sexual assaults committed by Muslim male immigrants. Women who do not dress modestly considered fair game by Muslim men. In Sweden, Muslim men commit 77% of the rapes. The problem has worsened. Instead of 110%, it is now 150% more criminal suspects per capita among Muslim immigrants than Swedes. Violence against indigenous Swedes increases, women and kids harassed daily. Police in Östersund advised women not to go outdoors alone following a string of public assaults and sex attacks. Speaking at a press conference, police said they had never experienced crime of this nature in that small city, which has a population of only 44,000. In another city, police officers forced to push the alarm button when surrounded by angry immigrants fighting each other. Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, now controlled by Muslim immigrant gangs. Emergency medical personnel attacked routinely enough that they will not respond to calls without police protection, and the police in turn unwilling to enter without back-up. A poll conducted by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found almost half of all women in the country now scared to exercise alone at night. Swimming pools have become prime hunting grounds for gangs of Muslim men looking to prey on vulnerable women. Many women here say they have suffered fondling. They are disgusted with Muslim men thinking they can come to Sweden and molest women. The Iraqis are a major group in Sweden, and they have the second highest over-representation of rapists. Only North Africa Muslims account for higher numbers. Hostility of Muslim immigrant communities toward native Europeans is so great that a news crew visiting Rinkeby, Sweden, suffered attack by hostile residents when they investigated the neighborhood known as “Little Mogadishu.” In England, over 1,000 young white girls in Rotherham systematically trafficked, beaten, and sexually abused by Pakistani Muslim rape gangs. In 2014 and 2015, police and social workers found Muslim gangs grooming, prostituting, and raping young white British teens in Oxford, Birmingham, and Rochdale. In Paris Muslim slums, thousands of torched automobiles, violence against police and other law officers, and pressure in Islamic enclaves to ignore state sovereignty and conform to the rule of sharia. Muslims from Paris and the surrounding region enter the city and take over entire streets in order to perform their noon Friday prayer. Traffic blocked. Residents cannot enter or leave their homes. Businesses closed, because customers cannot reach them. Police stand by passively, knowing that to enforce the law would provoke a riot. The police, afraid of charges of racism and “Islamophobia,” seem reluctant to take action. New York-based conservative think tank Gatestone Institute has compiled a shocking list of sexual assaults and rapes by Muslim migrants in Germany. Examining German media reports, the list documents more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by Muslim migrants in train stations, swimming pools, and other public places against victims as young as 7. Most recently, three girls aged 15, 16 and 17 assaulted over 2 hours by a mob of up to 30 migrants at a shopping center in the northern city of Kiel. Since the attack, which began when 2 Afghan men began stalking the teenagers and sharing photos on social media, other women have come forward to report similar experiences. When Muslim migrant men see a young woman wearing a short skirt, they feel that they have a free pass to fondle them or worse. Police in one Bavarian town, after a 16-year-old-girl raped, issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they go nuts when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where women must not show naked skin, harass girls. An increasing number of reports of forced prostitution. The raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace. A Somali refugee earned 4 years 9 months in prison for attempting to rape a 20-year-old woman in Munich. He previously had served a 7-year sentence for rape and had left prison only 5 months before attacking again. Police advised women not to walk to or from a train station alone because of its proximity to a refugee shelter. More than 1.1 million migrants flooded into Germany in 2015, and the country is expecting 3.6 million to arrive by 2020, according to internal government estimates. A total of 1,075 criminal complaints filed over Cologne attacks, including 467 alleging crimes of a sexual nature, ranging from insults to rape. Prosecutors identified most of the suspects as refugees. Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said 73 suspects identified, 12 linked to sexual assaults. One female police officer in the northern city of Oldenburg told a local newspaper she feared a breakdown of public order in summer, when women begin to wear more revealing clothing. In Germany, 67% of crimes committed by Muslim migrants consists of theft, robbery, and fraud. Expenses spiral from increased levels of policing in areas of growing lawlessness. No-go zones are becoming a fact of life throughout much of Europe, especially in countries most committed to a welcoming policy toward Muslim immigrants. Far from demonstrating a sense of gratitude, Muslims insist on ever-greater privileges against the norms of the indigenous society. The influx of migrants is forcing the cancellation of activities because of the safety threat posed to European women. A Swedish town recently cancelled an annual activity in which lights turned off to promote conserving energy. Police requested the cancelation because of widespread sexual assaults against women in the town by Muslim refugees. Millions from another culture who practice another religion, have no regard for women’s rights, believe that Western society is decadent, and refuse to assimilate and do not believe themselves bound by the laws of the host country.

Muslim refugees remain culturally isolated, because they refuse to assimilate. They are slow to learn the local language and exposed to radical elements recruiting among them. Their children are very susceptible to radicalization. Belgium subsidizes their mosques and imams, yet the refugees constantly complain about discrimination. The government allows construction of massive mosques and allows Muslim preachers to spew hatred against Jews and Christians at subway stations, where they urge young Muslims to fight with ISIS. Muslim immigrants complain about Christian holidays like All Saints Day and Christmas. Young Muslim thugs run around harassing non-Muslims to comply with sharia law, to stop smoking, drinking liquor, and eating pork. They paw women who wear sexy clothes. 28% of British Muslims want to turn Britain into an Islamic State. 62% of Canadian Muslims want sharia there, 15% want to make it mandatory. Muslims can never assimilate, as their religion will not permit assimilation with others. Dozens of sharia courts now operate throughout Britain, even as Muslim activists demand more accommodations. A British woman employed teaching English to Muslim migrants with refugee status states that students have no interest in learning the language or getting a job, instead mostly interested in the benefits they can extract from taxpayers. Many students fail to attend; they are not interested. Many admit that they do not want to work, so they need not learn English for employment. Muslim refugees believe that Islamic law has every right to parallel other legal systems alongside civil and criminal law codes. Their religion will not adapt to changing environments and does not recognize democracy or man-made laws. These refugees turn inward, creating Islamic no-go zones where Western society is unwelcome. There exist 750 Muslim no-go zones in France, which the police, firefighters, and other emergency workers will not enter for fear of sparking riots and attacks. Similar zones exist in other European nations. According to the 2011 British census, over 100 Muslim enclaves are expanding in England. In some Muslim-dominated areas, non-Muslims are not welcome, especially women dressed in short dresses. A growing trend sees radical young Muslims patrol their streets to impose a strict application of Islamic sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in direct contradiction of British legal standards. Muslims Against the Crusaders have recently enforced their brand of sharia in 12 British cities. Hooded Muslims patrol streets to enforce a strict view of sharia over unsuspecting locals. They warn that alcohol, “immodest” dress, and homosexuality now banned. Muslim patrols could become a lot more dangerous and, perhaps willing to maim or kill, if joined by battle-hardened jihadis. British police officers admit that they often must ask permission from Muslim leaders to enter specific areas, instructed not to travel to work or go into certain places wearing their uniforms. Non-Muslims ordered to leave “Islamic territory,” and some radicals have set up “Shariah Controlled Zones,” where only Islamic rules enforced.  Stickers placed on lampposts and other structures declare, “You are entering a Shariah Controlled Zone,” with prohibitions on alcohol, gambling, smoking, and music or concerts. A Muslim group in Britain has launched a campaign to turn 12 British cities, including what it calls “Londonistan,” into independent Islamic states, functioning as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic sharia law and operating entirely outside British jurisprudence. The British Centre for Social Cohesion reported that one-third of British Muslim students favor a worldwide caliphate. Many native people are leaving their neighborhoods and entire cities.  The Pew Research Center reported that half of French Muslims see their loyalty to Islam as greater than their loyalty to France.  One-third of French Muslims do not object to suicide attacks.  Muslims demand what they call ‘respect’, Muslim official state holidays. Moreover, Muslims are now a swing vote not ignored. Islam is a political ideology.  It is a system that boasts detailed rules for society and the life of every person.  Islam dictates every aspect of life.  Islam means ‘submission’, not compatible with freedom and democracy, because what it strives for is sharia.  If you want to compare Islam to anything, compare it to communism or Nazism, totalitarian ideologies. Now you know why Winston Churchill called Islam the most retrograde force in the world and why he compared Mein Kampf to the Koran.  The lights may go out in Europe faster than you can imagine.  As birth rates in Europe decline, Muslim refugees with many children are rapidly becoming a larger percentage of the population. Brussels is 30% Muslim. An Islamic Europe means a Europe without  freedom and democracy, an economic wasteland, an intellectual nightmare, and a loss of military might for America, as our allies will become enemies, enemies with atomic bombs.  With an Islamic Europe, America will stand alone to preserve the heritage of Rome, Athens, and Jerusalem.

58% of American Muslims believe criticism of Islam not protected by our 1st Amendment. 45% feel that anyone who criticizes Islam should face criminal charges; 12% believe that blaspheming Islam merits a death sentence. A 2015 CSP Poll found that 38% of Muslim-Americans believe ISIS beliefs correct. 32% believe that sharia law should become the supreme law in America. 51% want the choice of following sharia law or that they should have their own courts to apply sharia law. Only 39% of the polled believed that Muslims should fall subject to American courts.5 20% of American Muslims approve of violence to institute sharia. 300,000 U.S. Muslims want to impose sharia law worldwide.6 25% state that violence against our nation is justified. 7 As our Muslim population increases, there exist additional threats of violence, including arson, riots, and murder. ISIS uses the refugee influx to move its operatives into Europe and the U.S. Such creates serious national security risks; to ignore them based on political correctness invites danger. Children of immigrants usually the most radical and anti-Western. Many of them will not remember Bashar Assad or ISIS, but they will resent their likely inferior socioeconomic status and lack of full integration into society. Some then will undoubtedly cause havoc. Syrian and other Middle East Muslims seek Israel’s destruction. We should not import hundreds of thousands of people carrying the world’s greatest hatred that could subject American Jews to murder and mayhem.

After allowing in 12,000 Muslim refugees, 75% of Ontario Canadians now believe that these immigrants hold fundamentally different values and that their religion promotes violence.

Muslims demand religious accommodations immediately, at no expense. Islam today is the second-largest religion in England. Members of the younger generation are more radical and orthodox than their fathers and grandfathers, a reversal almost certainly unprecedented within an immigrant population over three or more generations. The same pattern found across Europe and the United States. A visible sign of this desire to separate from mainstream society is the steady growth in the numbers of young Muslim women wearing burqas and hijabs, formerly merely a tradition, but now apparently seen as an obligatory assertion of Muslim identity. Muslims feel entitled to behave as they wish, that British law is irrelevant. The clash between Islamic law and national law in several European countries has focused on the establishment of sharia councils or sharia courts. The sharia court debate is intense in England, where attempts (some successful) to introduce sharia within the legal system have occurred. There are 85 sharia councils operating, most of them openly, across England. They deal with marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance. Extensive testimony exists from women discriminated against and abused by these “courts.” In the sharia councils, there appears no formal method for keeping records of testimonies and decisions. There is no room for non-Muslims to sit in on proceedings, and, as a result, neither the government nor the legal fraternity has a regular means of monitoring proceedings. Unannounced spot checks by qualified government-appointed personnel not permitted. There is no way of knowing what happens besides the testimonies of women who have reported abusive or illegal practices. Full records of proceedings not kept, it will always appear difficult to go back to examine a case in full should legal issues arise at a later date. Furthermore, the British legal system has no say in the appointment of sharia council panels. A remote feature of modern sharia theory impacts Europe, North America, and the West. In classical Islamic theory, the world divides between the Realm of Islam (Dar al-Islam), territories ruled by Islamic governments, and the Realm of War (Dar al-Harb), regions under non-Muslim control. Usually, a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country is obliged to leave it and return to a Muslim state, usually somewhere within a Muslim empire. If Western states are not in a state of war with Islam, then Muslims not obliged to leave them to seek refuge in an Islamic country. When, in the 19th and 20th centuries, non-Muslim forces took control of Muslim lands, compromises became necessary. It is necessary to interpret sharia rulings to make it possible for Muslims to reside in territories to which they have migrated or in which they find themselves for limited periods, as in staying abroad to study. However, adjustments to Western ways do not permit actual change to sharia. Sharia law is an extra-territorial body that passes judgements, provides legal solutions, and adjudicates on all aspects of Islamic law. National sharia bodies in Western countries operate outside the confines of British, French, and other legal systems. No European or American state can exercise full control over who serves on such councils, who influences them, and which rulings inspire their judgments. For millions of Muslim refugees, Western law codes are of little value, an obstacle in the path towards an ultimate goal of total separation from host societies. Under sharia law, a Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim man, unless he converts to Islam. Polygamy is legal. An adult woman may not marry anyone she chooses. A man may coerce his wife to have sex. Civil marriage considered invalid. A man may divorce his wife without telling her. A wife has no property rights after a divorce. Non-Muslims lose their inheritance. Sharia law must override the judgments of courts. A Muslim lawyer must act contrary to American law where it contradicts sharia. Women restricted in leaving their homes and driving cars. A woman may not leave her home without her husband’s consent. Fighting the Americans is a religious duty. These tenets show vividly how questionable it is to permit a parallel system of law within a single national legal system. The Muslim birth rate is high, higher than the indigenous birth rates in European countries. Whenever they become the majority in a city or community, they demand the implementation of sharia law through democratic channels. Included in Sharia law: Beheadings, stonings, hangings, crucifixions, honor killings, genocide, death to apostates, burning infidels alive, supremacy/global domination warfare/conquest, beatings, torture, limb amputations, genital mutilations, forced conversion, slavery, sex slavery and rape, wife beating, child marriage, censorship, dictatorship, robbery and pillage, extortion of nonbelievers, persecution and/or death for blasphemy, prohibition of music/singing, and destruction of non-Islamic antiquities. A majority of Muslims in Europe believe sharia should have precedence over the secular laws of their European host countries, according to a study by WZB Berlin Social Science Center with Muslims in 6 countries interviewed. These results contradict clearly the liberal claim that Islamic religious fundamentalism is a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe and that it does not differ from fundamentalism among Christians.

Obama and Hillary seem determined to expose our society to the same dangers that Europe faces. Obama is sympathetic to Islam, perhaps from his paternal heritage, his upbringing, and his education at an Indonesian Muslim school. Often he speaks about the “holy Koran” or the “Prophet” with reverence, and he also reveals himself by his insistence that Islam has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. He continues to bring in thousands of Muslim refugees, though we already know that ISIS has infiltrated operatives into the migration. Obama extends a limp olive branch to Muslims, snatched out of his hand and used to beat him in his foreign policy.

One sees few non-Muslim Americans in Muslim ghetto neighborhoods like Dearborn, MI. These enclaves see women walking around wrapped from head to foot with their baby strollers and children. Their husbands walk a few steps in front of them. Mosques rise skyward, imams screaming out prayers several times a day, with congregations larger than local churches. Plans for super mosques that will dwarf every Christian church, signaling “We rule.” The shops have signs you cannot read. Residents brutally beaten if caught drinking alcohol.
Religious fanatics control these neighborhoods, mushrooming across America. They are building blocks for territorial control of larger urban areas, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. Satellite dishes not pointed to local TV stations but to stations in Muslim countries.

Conservatives must take action immediately to avoid a Muslim cataclysm here as in Europe! Contact your state senator and Gov. Ricketts to pass legislation to stop or restrict unvetted Muslim immigration into Nebraska. Lobby your congressman and 2 senators to pass legislation to stop the Hillary Regime from importing thousands of Muslim refugees with terrorists in their midst. Email netaxpayers@gmail.com for state senator, governor, and Capitol Hill contact information.

Research, analysis, and documentation for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 11-16. C

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