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BACKGROUND. Nebraska has the non-envious position of having heaped on us as a state the largest number of unvetted Muslim refugees per capita of population, as former President Obama graciously welcomed thousands of these refugees into our country. While President Trump valiantly and diligently attempts to stem the arrival of thousands of these Muslim refugees with questionable backgrounds, liberal State Sen. Kate Bolz has introduced LR 27, a resolution declaring that senators believe in protecting all refugees immigrating to NE. Joining her by co-sponsoring the resolution are the following liberal senators: Crawford, Hansen, Howard, Kolowsky, McCollister, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks, Vargas, and Wishart.

LR 27.
This resolution congratulates Catholic Charities and Lutheran Family Services for their magnanimous work to resettle refugees in NE. LR 27 conveniently neglects to mention the thousands in federal monies these liberal groups receive for each refugee. The resolution disingenuously states that the refugees have undergone extensive vetting and only bear good will toward our nation. Its proponents conveniently avoided mention of massacres in California and Texas by resettled Muslim refugees. Testifying for the resolution in committee were the usual suspects: Lutheran Family Services, Nebraska Appleseed Center, ACLU-NE, and Justice for Our Neighbors. Voting this liberal resolution out of the Judiciary Committee were liberal Sens. Baker, Chambers, Ebke, Hansen, Krist, Morfeld, and Pansing Brooks. Only Sen. Halloran voted NO. The true intent of this resolution is to defy the patriotic agenda of our President and to advance an agenda of multicultural diversity that will only degrade our culture and create local Third World enclaves adjudicated by foreign Muslim sharia law.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Email, call, or write a letter to your state senators today to urge them to vote NO on LR 27, to send their constituents a clear and concise message that they do not want to encourage unvetted Muslim refugees to immigrate to Nebraska, where they may pose a danger to our citizenry and create unassimilated enclaves. Resolutions do not go to the Governor for his approval, so he cannot veto this resolution. Email if you need contact information for your senator or want our NTF background issue paper.

Research, documentation, and analysis for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 4-17. C

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