NTF worksheet: illegal144.doc. 11-15.

* The U.S. State Dept. does not notify local communities or states selected as locations for Muslim refugees.
* Local government subdivisions like cities and schools are responsible for providing paid interpreters.
* Within 30 days after arrival, Muslim refugees will become eligible for the following welfare and refugee assistance services: Medicaid, child care, WIC program, foster care and adoption assistance payments, food stamps, subsidized housing, language tutoring, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance, developmental disability payments, energy assistance, postsecondary education loans and grants, and refugee aid programs.
* Muslim refugees settled in localities have no prior screening for TB, AIDs, or other diseases among them, posing a health risk to local citizens, especially school children.
* Education costs spiral. The Omaha Public School District spends millions on additional English as a Second Language programs. Lincoln Public School District spent $2.1 million extra in FY 2015-16 to handle a current influx of refugees.
* The Dept. of Homeland Security and FBI cannot vet all these Muslim refugees for terrorist ties, thus exposing Nebraskans to possible terrorist plots and actions.
* Remember that the families of the Boston Marathon Bomber and murderer of Tennessee military recruiters were admitted from Muslim countries under refugee status.
* The Islamic State publicly has boasted of using our generous immigration system as a means to smuggle in terrorists.
* Muslim Somalis have formed criminal gangs in American cities, their crimes adding to law enforcement, judicial, and incarceration costs.
* In other communities, Muslim refugees refuse to assimilate and create ethnic enclaves where Americans are not welcome, the American Flag never flies on holidays, and police declare no-go areas.
* Resettlement sponsors orchestrate tactics to label resettlement opponents as racists or right-wing fanatics, in order to undermine and stifle legitimate citizen opposition.

Nebraskans have the right to know who is coming to our communities in large numbers.
Do not allow re-settlement proponents to bully us and call us names. We must insist that our state and local officials (not Muslim sponsors or government agencies that would control meetings) hold meetings open to the public and attended by local, state, and federal elected officials. The taxpaying public deserves the opportunity to speak and ask the following questions that demand answers:
1) From where, when, and how many Muslims are scheduled to be resettled in Nebraska?
2) Which towns are targeted for their resettlement?
3) How many more will arrive in future years?
4) Can citizens and local governments refuse to accept them, if the locality would suffer economic or social stress?
5) Who, if anyone, will screen them for health and security reasons?
6) Who is responsible for their health and medical care?
7) How much will it cost local school districts to provide English as a Second Language and other special instruction?
8) Does a locality have an adequate supply of government-subsidized and low-cost housing for these refugees?
9) Will demands for their housing crowd out Nebraska elderly, disabled, and low-income citizens?
10) Where will the refugees work, and can the local unemployment rate accommodate new job seekers?
Note: Local meatpacking industries prefer to employ Muslim refugees, who enjoy legal status, as a means to avoid problems with hiring Hispanic illegal aliens.
11) Who will investigate these refugees for past criminal actions to keep Nebraskans safe?

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