NTF issue paper: illegal139.doc. 9-15.

The following notes are from the above film about how illegal immigration harms America and Americans.
Contact NE Taxpayers for Freedom to see this startling movie on DVD.

Illegal aliens remitted $21 billion to Mexico in 2014, money not going into our economy.
$71 billion remitted to all foreign countries.

Immigration service fingerprints illegal alien families, but this identification is worthless because the illegals use phony names.
Radical Muslims pretend to be Mexicans, using phony names and birthdates.

The immigration health screening consists of asking aliens if they feel OK or sick, no medical screening done.
Illegals bring in swine flu, chicken pox, TB, and bacterial pneumonia.
A real concern is that those released into the general public will cause respiratory illnesses to spread to children in our public schools.

The Obama Regime ordered the Border Patrol (BP) to drop off illegals at bus stations, asking them to return to court in 30 days. The few who do show up wait years for their cases to be heard and settled because of the backlog.
Obama requested funds for escorts for 65,000 illegal alien kids he knew would be crossing the southern border, because he was forewarned.
Kids actually flown to U.S. from Honduras for free.
Obama issued 5.5 million work permits without congressional permission.
He requested $1.4 billion from Congress to handle his illegal immigration plans.
Obama purposely overloaded our immigration system to wreck it.

100,000 illegal alien gang members reside in the U.S.
Smugglers force illegal alien girls into the sex trade.
The Mexican military scouts for drug cartels, sometimes using helicopters to spot Border Patrol vehicles.

The Texas teen pregnancy birth rate is 50% higher than the national average because illegal teens constitute 75% of births in Texas hospitals, bills paid by taxpayers.
Obama seeks to turn Texas into a Democrat state by importing illegal aliens who can eventually vote.

Some Americans cannot get jobs because they cannot speak Spanish.
Many foreign workers compete at all levels with American workers.
Businesses can hire illegals and not offer them health insurance, placing current employees on welfare.
Illegals undercut small black business prices and take black teen jobs.
57% of illegal alien households with kids under 18 are on welfare.
U.S. engineers and engineering graduates cannot find work because of Obama allowing in H-1B foreign engineers.
Foreign workers take American computer jobs, and American employees must train their foreign replacements or lose severance pay.

TSA hired 73 aliens who were on the terrorist watch list.
4 million illegals voted illegally in 2014, including 50 criminals and 5,000 parolees.
Terrorist networks work with Mexican drug cartels.
Cartel drug warehouses are near the border.
ISIS communicates continually with cartels.
Obama refuses to fight ISIS diligently, because he wants Muslim refugees to populate the U.S.
127,000 student visas granted to Middle East students without background checks done.
Border Patrol patrols only 32 miles of our northern border continually.
2,098 agents patrol the northern border.
18,600 agents patrol the southern border.
Northern border twice as long as long as our Southern border.
Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the U.S. and Canada.
Many terror groups operating in Canada. 2
Government Accounting Office stated that risk of terrorist activity greater at northern border, the number of agents insufficient to handle patrolling there.
The greatest number of immigrants to Canada come from Iran and Pakistan.
Easier to smuggle uranium dirty bomb to U.S., because Canadian businesses do not have to record sale of radioactive materials.
Islamist militias train in Canada. Law enforcement has found their weapons.
Many Canadian mosques near New York border, under surveillance by FBI because of their connection to ISIS.

Islamaberg, N.Y. founded by radical Muslim cleric with a training camp for radicals.
FBI considers the compound a threat, but Obama refuses to call them a terrorist group.
23 radical Muslim groups locate in wooded communities with small police departments that cannot monitor them.
FBI found bomb-making equipment and weapons at a Muslim Colorado training camp.
Visitors to Dearborn, Mich. will not believe they are still in the U.S.

Muslims purchased all the businesses and strip malls and forced out original American owners and renters.
They all vote for Obama, with many on Medicaid.
Muslim immigrants are taking over the city and becoming a parallel political entity.
They never fly the American Flag on July 4th or Flag Day.

Illegal aliens are taking over school curricula where they predominate in public schools.
Bilingual signs predominate in these schools.
Muslims have eliminated homecoming football games as anathema to their culture.
They ended football and instituted soccer.

Muslim parents refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance during graduation ceremonies.
Obama is serving this as his legacy.

We will become strangers in our own land, unless we convince our elected officials to stop this tidal wave of illegal immigration. Take action now! Join the NTF Project Immigration. Email

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