Agenda 21 – Is It Real?

Don’t know what Agenda 21 is?  Wonder how large a probem it is?  Check this out:

Go to and click to the BOOK section.  Type LOCAL AGENDA 21 in the title box.  You will find a seemingly endless list (I stopped counting at 300) of books and reports that were written by professionals for professionals including many that show  HOW TO IMPLEMENT AGENDA 21 in your county,  your state/province,  your country and your continent.   Most of these books and reports are expensive and not priced for purchase by the average citizen, but used copies can be had for pennies on the dollar.

One book of interest is a widely used college text titled,  ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE BY Daniel D. Chiras (sixth edition-2001).  The theme of the book is that environmental degregation is threatening the planet and the solutions must be a global effort based on Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and creation of World Government.  This book was thrown out of Texas in 2002 and the New York Times wrote a story about it.  See the NYTs story here:  Note that story does not deal with the main theme of the book which is sub titled “Creating A Sustainable Future”  even though there are appox 140 “Sustainable” entries in the index.  Agenda 21 and Global/World Government are also indexed.

The Amazon.Com Challege/Exercise proves that Agenda 21 is real and is being implemented globally,  and that there is also a Globalist Movement for World Government.  To prove that, type GLOBAL GOVERNANCE in the BOOK title box.  This can be repeated with  AGENDA 21—–SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT—SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES—SUSTAINABLE AMERICA—-WORLD GOVERNMENT—GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.   Amazon.Com is the largest bookseller in the world.  The question to be asked is, “If Agenda 21 does not exist or is not a threat, then why do all these books and reports exist ?”.   That question can repeated with any of the other title box entries.  As you scan the list of books keep an eye out for the LOOK INSIDE tag.  Click LOOK INSIDE and type “key words” into the search box to get an idea of what the book is about by reading the book index and endnotes.

Are you a farmer?  Beware conservation easements!  Not a farmer?  Check out this video anyway (about 50 minutes).  You may select sections if you don’t have fifty minutes to spare.  Click on Introduction to play the entire video.  Kudos to Dr. Michael Coffman for locating this video and making the DVD available on his webstie.

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