NTF worksheet: rickettsp1.doc. 9-21.

Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis:
Biden has no constitutional authority to order Am. citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He is forcing nurses and other medical professionals to lose jobs if refusing vaccinations. Biden had a fit, because Florida parents insisted on sending their kids to school without masks. The president is not doing his job as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, embarrassing the U.S. by abandoning billions of military equipment in Afghanistan. Iran, Russia, and Red China feared Trump but do not fear or respect Biden. Floridians passed election integrity legislation that bans ballot harvesting. Biden created a crisis at our southern border. His regime flies illegal alien kids to sponsors all over the country and refuses to require incoming illegals to undergo COVID-19 testing. He releases criminal illegal aliens throughout the U.S. As governor, DeSantis banned sanctuary cities in Florida. He supports law enforcement officers in Florida and called out the National Guard to assist them during the Black Lives Matters riots. He refuses to defund law enforcement. Florida offers bonuses to those who want to become law officers there. Critical race theory which teaches students to hate each other according to race, banned in Florida schools. DeSantis signed a bill to protect women against abortion. Big Tech like Facebook is attempting to force liberalism on the nation by censuring conservatives. He passed Florida legislation to require Big Tech to be accountable there. Stated that patriotic Americans are only beginning to fight!

Sen. Ted Cruz:
Gov. Ricketts has exhibited strong leadership, NE having the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. Ricketts knows the difference between boys and girls, in reference to the proposed state health education standards. America needs a political revival. Washington, D.C. is out of control, spending millions recklessly. Biden wants to raise corporate, capital gains, and personal taxes, plus death taxes. Biden is targeting agriculture in NE and elsewhere for burdensome regulations. The Democrats are an East Coast elite. When Cruz visited the Mexican border, cartel goons flashed flashlights at them, laughing that the Border Patrol now cannot stop them. Biden refuses to allow the Border Patrol to do its job. A Biden operative tried to prevent his group from taking pictures at the border. All of our enemies witnessed our debacle in Afghanistan and will act accordingly. Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, built with half a billion dollars, had world-class runways and could withstand a terrorist attack. Predicted 2022 defeat for House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Chuck Schumer. It took a Jimmy Carter, with his high gas prices, inflation, and urging us to lower our thermostats and wear sweaters in winter, to bring us Pres. Reagan. Biden is Carter 2.0, repeating the same mistakes. Cruz predicted a great resurgence of conservative activism.

Vice-President Mike Pence:
Trump did make America Great Again. He restored our military and gave it the resources needed. Trump cut taxes and burdensome regulations. After 70 years, finally the U.S. was an exporter of energy, and we were energy independent. Trump made the largest trade deals to our benefit and created 7 million new jobs and the highest economic growth rate in 20 years. U.S. had the lowest unemployment rate. Trump was a fervent pro-lifer. He appointed over 370 conservative judges who abide by the constitution. During his presidency, 1 million Americans vaccinated daily against COVID-19. Now, we have the worst border crisis, the trampling on our liberties and values. Pence patience worn thin. We must win back both House and Senate. Afghan abandonment was heart-breaking. The Taliban knew that Trump would hit them hard, if they interfered with our withdrawal. Biden abandoned Bagram Air Base and other installations without informing the Afghan government. Trump stood with Israel. Pence declared that we are a freedom-loving nation, a nation of faith. America is a beacon of hope. If we become only a big socialist country, so sorry. Let us pray for America and Win the Future.

Gov. Pete Ricketts:
Those attending here should get involved. Testify at public hearings, attend school board meetings. Begin to change the nation.

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