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. To win back both House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, President Trump is partnering with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to fashion a policy agenda outlining a new MAGA doctrine for the GOP. Gingrich is a major ally of Trump. The two, with former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, met at the private Trump Mar-a-Lago club to begin drafting a document, continuing to add details for a list of America First policies. They are using as a template the 1994 Contract with America, a legislative agenda of promises and reform ideas promulgated during the Clinton presidency, with attractions like tax cuts, welfare reform, and strict law enforcement and incarceration. This original contract helped the GOP to gain its first majority in 4 decades, as it won 52 more seats in the House and 9 Senate seats. Republicans won over 12 governorships and regained a majority in 20 state legislatures.

. A new Contract for America First would become a policy priority for beyond 2022. Elements of this new contract include school choice, teaching patriotic American History, and eliminating critical race theory (CRT). The contract seeks to bring back 1 million manufacturing jobs from Red China, offers tax credits for companies that bring back jobs from China, and prohibits federal contracts for companies that outsource jobs to China. Look for health objectives like cutting prescription drug prices, placing patients and doctors back in charge of our health care decisions, lowering health care insurance premiums, ending surprise billings, and protecting veterans and providing them with excellent health care services. The plan would end illegal immigration, change free trade to fair trade, keep the U.S. energy independent, protect the middle class, break the political power of Big Tech, create small businesses, and stand up to the liberal media and leftwing culture warriors. The GOP needs 5 House seats and 1 Senate seat in 2022 to regain control of each respective chamber. One major goal is to end Pelosi’s stranglehold on the House.

. President Trump meanwhile resumes attending summer rallies and supporting conservative GOP primary candidates. He has issued endorsements and met with candidates eager to gain his blessing. “I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate,” he recently told Republican donors. “And then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House,” he continued confidently. His private clubs in Florida and New Jersey are fundraising epicenters with a steady stream of deep-pocketed donors filing through their ballrooms. That Trump would recruit Gingrich for a new contract agenda suggests that in exile from Washington, D.C., and with 2022 and 2024 in view, the former president is attempting to build what his previous campaigns for the presidency lacked: A positive policy platform on which every conservative can run.

. A new Contract with America campaign agenda will unite Trump-supporting Republicans and provide a blueprint for what a governing agenda should look like. It will become the GOP secret weapon to hit liberal Washington with the biggest Red Wave since 1994. In only a few months, Biden and his cronies have proved that they have no idea how to govern. Inflation is spiking. Businesses are struggling to find workers. Biden is paying people with enhanced welfare treats to stay at home. Meanwhile, the Mexican border rages as chaos brews overseas. Now is certainly the time for Newt and Trump to bring a contract to the country. The historic record of the first Trump term indicates that the president will treat this list of major goals as a contract. He will build his second term around fulfilling his obligations to America and the American people. Trump using his Chief Executive powers delivered on more of his promises than any president. He has a specific agenda to communicate to his base and those negatively impacted by the Biden Agenda. America First is a straightforward overarching philosophy. It demands that American citizen prosperity, safety, and security are key to all domestic and foreign policy decisions. Developing a specific plan to support this philosophy will provide message discipline for Republicans at all levels of government to articulate a consistent governing philosophy. As Americans watch the Biden Regime destroy our economy, a prime time for Trump to gain their attention is by a contract that starkly contrasts the Trump vision for America with the Socialist Democrat failing vision. President Trump is bold and keeps his word. He has prepared a powerful agenda for the future which virtually every Republican candidate and activist can use and support. “We have found 20 issues that are positive and have 85% support which could give us a huge advantage over the Democrats in 2022,” Gingrich declared. The GOP will look forward and positive, not allowing the media and Socialist Democrats to draw it into defensive negativity, looking backwards.

. The Contract should make a commitment to restore energy independence, a policy including natural gas, safe nuclear, and innovation. Recovering this independence, dumped by Biden, would lower energy prices and increase our national security. It negatively impacts the oil-dependent economies in the Middle East and Russia and reduces the leverage of those countries over the U.S. Make a clear distinction between our allies and our enemies. Manage return to the U.S. manufacture of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals and military technologies.

. Prepare to actively support this Contract for America First. Email us your suggestions for its content at netaxpayers@gmail.com and join our NTF President Watch Project. We will update this issue paper as more information about the Contract becomes available.

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