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BACKGROUND. For the first time in American history, a president leaving office, to the relief of millions of disgusted Americans, refuses to return to private life gracefully. Pres. Obama, with wife Michelle, immediately after leaving the White House established his reconstituted Organizing for Action (OFA) with a mission to disrupt and derail every conservative initiative begun by President Trump. Also, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and polarization and secure the “future of the Progressive movement.” No former president has remained in Washington, D.C. to vex and undermine his successor administration. His message, “Organizing is the building block of everything great we have accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities, and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines. Commit to this work in 2017 and beyond.” “You’re going to see me early next year,” he told his OFA troops after the election, “and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff.” OFA has hired 14 field organizers in states home to key senators to conduct a campaign to defend Obama Care. Former Clinton campaign spokesman Jesse Lehrich is communications director. The remaining leadership are hacks from the Obama Regime White House years.

HIS STRATEGY. His intent is to create political chaos, using leftist mobs, leftist judges who he appointed, and his former White House advisers. OFA intends to resist the Trump Administration across America. Its community organizers are mobilizing mobs of leftists to push “progressive change” (socialism), its key issues gun control, socialist health care, sexual equality for perverts, climate change, reverse discrimination, and open borders immigration. It considers itself a shadow government aimed to resist and destroy our Constitutional Republic. Obama commands his team from an elaborate mansion office less than 2 miles from the White House, protected on all sides by a tall brick wall. His shadow regime means to sabotage the Trump Administration with a network of leftist nonprofit groups headed by OFA with its war chest of over $40 million and 250 cells established nationwide. OFA boasts a staff of 40 and an army of 35,525 volunteer agitators nationwide. Obama-era officials still inside the federal government leak information to OFA. It is a slightly less violent copy of Hitler’s Brown Shirts or the goon squads that the Castro regime uses to harass and intimidate their domestic opponents. The group has grown to 102 chapters, each required to host at least 2 events per month, plus run a fellowship program. The group is launching a program to recruit and train people to run for office. At OFA workshops, one can learn how to spark riots, organize mobs against congressmen, engage in vote fraud, intimidate and shake down corporations, race-bait officeholders and businesses, smear and frighten conservative opponents, shield illegal aliens from law officers, tell squatters how to seize foreclosed homes, encourage welfare fraud, and promote leftwing social engineering schemes. OFA is rallying people to swarm town hall appearances by both Republican and Democrat representatives, so they can loudly protest the GOP agenda and President Trump. OFA-organized protesters make it impossible for congressmen to conduct a conversation with constituents. OFA views its role as investing in organizing to build a permanent and successful “progressive movement.” Over 1,800 leftists applied to its spring 6-week training program, with hundreds of workshops planned nationwide. OFA plans to promote 400 rallies in 42 states in 2017 to attack Trump over Obama Care repeal. Gleeful at initially beating Trump in the Obama Care repeal fight, OFA plans a showdown on the Trump budget cuts and tax reform. A massive voter registration drive in 2018. OFA plans to mobilize the vote for Socialist Democrat candidates it promotes to win back Congress and erect a wall of resistance to Trump at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

HIS PURPOSE. Obama means to protect his leftwing legacy and sabotage the Trump Administration to prevent it from eradicating his programs and substituting free market alternatives. His single goal is to remove Trump from the White House by impeachment or resignation. He closely involves himself in OFA operations and dispenses marching orders to its young bubbleheads to march forward with his agenda. His OFA method of operation stems from his support and sympathy for Marxism and his background as a leftist community organizer. In his opinion, agitation and propaganda justify any means to attain power. Deception, concealing the real revolutionary agenda, militant obstructionism, and deflecting debate on the issues while continuing attacks on the characters and legitimacy of opponents. Obama is very clever. He understands that his encouragement of Black Lives Matter and the war on police and law enforcement, his fattening the welfare rolls, his doubling the student debt, his winking at thousands of illegals flooding across our borders, and pushing deficit spending that added almost $1 trillion yearly to the federal debt and doubling such debt in 8 years to $20 billion, pushes our nation closer to collapse. There is a regular conference call for the “Obama network,” a meeting the ex-president attends with former aides, and continual calls to Senate and House Democrats, state-based groups, and grassroots organizations. The war against Trump emanates from both inside and outside the government. His operatives salted throughout the government and intelligence agencies plant phony controversies; his army of agitators outside Capitol Hill then protest them, slavishly aided by the liberal media. Like every other Marxist, he knows that socialist transformation first requires collapse of the old economic and social order.

TWO EXAMPLES. After President Trump issued his executive order to temporarily ban visitors from 7 terrorism-infested Muslim countries, OFA organized “spontaneous” demonstrations at airports. After Trump issued his executive order to repeal the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) unconstitutional order issued by Obama, OFA gave the signal for nationwide mob protests and statements from leftist immigrant groups, his allied ACLU attorneys filed lawsuits in jurisdictions where liberal judges issue friendly injunctions, and operatives caused havoc at congressional town hall meetings. Liberal media allies immediately broadcast friendly stories in support, social media went ballistic, and violence ensued. OFA is distributing a training manual to anti-Trump activists that advises how to bully GOP lawmakers into shedding support for repealing Obama Care, restricting immigration from high-risk Islamic nations, and building a border wall. All this havoc at the Obama signal and subsequent approval. Stirring up leftwing nitwits over a public grievance purposely mobilizes his constituency to protest and demonstrate, which makes great TV coverage of mass protests, transmitted through the media to millions of viewing suckers who believe it. These assemblages not spontaneous mass rallies but carefully planned raucous mobs. This process manufactures fake news.

ITS NETWORKING. OFA has teamed with Indivisible, a Far Left radical action group, for training in how to harass congressional offices and town hall meetings. Anti-Trump coalition marches across the country usually become riots, as his followers chant slogans while terrorizing bystanders and destroying property. Networking Obama-era officials still inside the federal government leak information to OFA. Democratic politicians ask OFA for help with events, eager for the support and some Obama sheen.

ITS FINANCING. As a 501©(4) group, no requirement to disclose contributors. It has raised over $40 million in contributions and grants. The Obama Foundation assists OFA, this group headed by the former Obama political director. Because OFA enjoys all the contact information from the Obama presidential campaigns, millions will flow in, with no liberal media coverage. Organizing for Action is basking in money by nonprofit standards. Big contributors are members of the George Soros-founded Democracy Alliance, a donor consortium for left-wing billionaires devoted to radical political change.

TAKE ACTION NOW. The Obama Regime did much to destroy our Republic during 8 years of pressure to the Left. Obama future plans seek to destroy the foundation upon which our Founding Fathers established our nation. If Obama and his ilk succeed, we will lose our nation. Join the effort in our state to help President Trump Make America Great Again. Email netaxpayers@gmail.com to join our President Watch Project and participate in our activities that counter OFA actions. Attend NTF workshops to learn how to become an informed and active conservative.

Research, documentation, and analysis for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 9-17 C.

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