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BACKGROUND. Honoring his campaign pledge, President Trump has repealed the Obama Regime unconstitutional executive order that granted temporary amnesty to illegal alien children. Obama simply circumvented a part of immigration law with which he disagreed, bypassing Congress, thus violating the separation of powers with no statutory authority. The Trump Administration rescinded the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty, effective immediately. No currently amnestied illegal will lose protected status for 6 months, but no new applications for DACA status accepted. Those who already have applied for their 2-year renewals will see those requests processed. DACA offered immunity from deportation for illegal aliens who arrived under age 17 with parents before 2007. Over 800,000 illegals currently protected from deportation and given study and work authorization under the program, subject to renewal every 2 years. The substantial progress in reducing illegal immigration at our borders seen in recent months is almost entirely the product of the leadership of President Trump and his rejuvenated federal immigration service. Conservatives must support our President in continuing to reform our broken immigration system.

• Congress on multiple occasions rejected Obama legislative proposals to implement a DACA program.
• The Obama amnesty contributed to a flood of minors sneaking through our southern border.
• Congress should not extend the DACA program because of chain migration that encourages future illegal immigration into the U.S
• Congress continuing DACA would send a message that we have effectively given up on enforcing our immigration laws and instead seek to reward those who illegally enter the country.
• For every person who receives a permanent amnesty, thousands will demand the same for their children when illegally settling families here.
• To have a legal immigration system that serves our national interest, we cannot admit everyone who wishes to emigrate here or advertise an open border policy.
• The amnesty would not have withstood a constitutional challenge by 11 state attorneys-general who filed a lawsuit citing legal and constitutional defects. A lawsuit by their states already overturned the parallel Obama deferred action for parents of illegal alien children as a violation of the separation of powers.
• DACA is unfair to immigrants who wait years and spend thousands to attain citizenship status.
• Enforcing the immigration laws saves lives, protects communities and taxpayers, and prevents human suffering from being victimized by illegal aliens. Failure to enforce the laws in the past has placed our citizens at risk of crime, violence and even terrorism.
• DACA “children” range in age up to the ’30s and include those engaged in violent criminal activity like drug dealing and gang murders. The average age of DACA recipients is 25; most are not little children.
• DACA children overfill public school classrooms, requiring additional classroom space and teachers and staff, particularly for English as a Second language classes. Thus, higher public school taxes for property owners .
• DACA aliens fill university and college slots then denied to lawful Nebraska citizens who pay taxes to operate these institutions of higher education.
• DACA recipients take jobs from lawful Nebraska residents. Deporting these illegals will open up hundreds of NE jobs to our residents.
• DACA illegals are eligible to receive Social Security payments.
• DACA illegals take advantage of health and welfare services for free, subsidized by NE taxpayers.
• DACA “children” demonstrating against DACA repeal claim to be loyal Americans, yet they wave signs and scream threats and epithets in Spanish.
• Because of DACA, taxpayers spend hundreds of millions annually to reunite the mostly uneducated minors with their illegal alien parents.
• Failure of repeal will invite hundreds of additional illegal aliens to settle in our state, compounding current revenue deficit problems.
• Tell your congressmen that instead of perpetuating DACA, to co-sponsor and support the RAISE Act, the Trump immigration reform bill (see NTF issue paper).
• The Trump directive will pressure Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to enable our country to more effectively teach new immigrants about our system of government and to assimilate them to the cultural foundations that support it.
• Rewarding people who commit a crime, remaining here illegally, is politically immoral.
• The responsibility for their circumstances rests with the parents who knowingly violated our laws and placed their children in this situation.
• Yes, the children didn’t commit the crime. However, each child receiving a citizenship is a reward to the parents as much as to the child.
• DACA illegals can return to their native countries and provide there an economic boost needed through their entrepreneurship and education received in the U.S.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Under the Trump Presidency, our nation has made great progress in the last few months toward enforcing a lawful and constitutional immigration system, to keep citizens safer and more secure. The battle over DACA repeal will become contentious and emotional in Congress. The House and Senate have a 6-month deadline to deal with this issue. Illegal alien supporters like the Chambers of Commerce and militant leftist and Hispanic groups will spend a fortune to negate repeal. Use the reasons cited above and immediately lobby your Capitol Hill representative and 2 NE Senators to support the President and deport illegal DACA aliens. Time for conservatives to stand tall and tell our Capitol Hill delegation to enforce the immigration laws and uphold the U.S. Constitution, as they swore to do.

Research, documentation, and analysis for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 9-17 C.

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