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BACKGROUND. President Trump and his conservative allies in Congress are pressing legislation to finally reform our broken immigration system that has transformed the American melting pot into a garbage can, a repository for 3rd World immigrants who cannot support themselves, leech off our welfare system, burden our law enforcement and judicial systems, and refuse to learn English and assimilate to our American culture. The President will forge ahead to pass this legislation through both House and Senate, but he requires the support of conservative activists to successfully lobby our Capitol Hill representatives and senators.

UNDERLYING PROBLEMS. Immigration under current liberal statutes and rules encourages low-skilled or unskilled persons to emigrate here. They flood the U.S. labor market and drive down wages for poor and working-class Americans. Since 1979, Nebraskans with a high school diploma or less have seen hourly wages decline, those with diplomas witnessing hourly wages fall by 17%. Only 1 of 15 immigrants comes here because of needed skills and employability. Most of the 1 million aliens accepted here yearly for legal permanent residency have no or few skills. This surge adds more than the population of San Francisco to the U.S. annually. Over 50% of immigrant households enjoy welfare benefits compared to 29% of resident households. This innovative bill would finally legislate recurring recommendations for immigration reform from several federal commissions dating back more than 35 years.

THE LEGISLATION. Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) will create a merit immigration system of points that protects the jobs of American workers, saves taxpayer dollars, and boosts our economy. Net migration will fall by 41% to 50% in 10 years, limiting permanent residency status to only 50,000 refugees annually. The Act replaces the present visa framework with a skills-based system that rewards applicants based on individual merit, rewarding education, English speaking, past achievements, and entrepreneurial initiative. Invited is the very best talent, extremely high-skilled workers outstanding in their fields, who will bring their innovative capabilities, create new jobs for others, create new businesses, achieve the American Dream, pay taxes, and assimilate. A point system will revise the green card system, targeting those who can financially support themselves and their families. Green cards granted only to those who have a job offer from U.S. employers. Green cards provide permanent residency, work authorization, and accelerated citizenship. The pressure of predatory employer-based foreign labor recruitment has plagued immigration for too long. Low-skilled and unskilled labor applicants severely limited, thereby reducing poverty. Prioritized are immediate family members of U.S. residents, like spouses and minor children, but not extended family members. Ended is chain migration, whereby immigrants can bring in all their poor relatives. The bill eliminates the diversity visa lottery system, which accepts immigrants with no economic advantage. This lottery has awarded 50,000 green cards annually, mostly to 3rd World nations. The result will boost the opportunities for resident and immigrant families to enter the middle class. This bill protects millions of Americans mired in stagnant jobs, unemployed, or only part-time employed. It would raise wages for both native born and recent immigrants. Verified gang members not admitted. New immigrants could not access federal or state welfare. Backlogs and waiting lists for immigrants would shrink. With more skilled labor available, factories will gravitate back to the U.S. from overseas.

SPONSORS. Conservative Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.) and David Perdue (Ga.) sponsor the bill. Cotton advises how RAISE will promote a higher standard of living for the American worker and economic growth to make the U.S. more competitive internationally.

OPPONENTS. Fighting this legislation are congressional Socialist Democrats, RINO Republicans like Sens. Lindsay Graham(nesty) and John McCain, militant Hispanic organizations, and business leaders whose companies depend on cheap, immigrant labor.

SUPPORTERS. Conservative and taxpayer rights groups nationwide support the President. Surveys conducted by Pulse Opinion Research indicate that likely mid-term voters in key swing states won by President Trump in 2016 support the RAISE Act.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Help President Trump make America Great Again by making our immigration system great again. Urge Sens. Fischer and Sasse today to co-sponsor and support the RAISE Act. Passing this legislation will spare taxpayers millions in welfare, public education, medical assistance, and law enforcement and incarceration costs. Email netaxpayers@gmail.com for senator contact information and to join our NTF Congress Watch and President Watch Projects.

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