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Conservative Rep. Brian Babin (TX.) has introduced HR 80, the refugee resettlement accountability national security act of 2017. His rationale is that the refugee resettlement program in the U.S., managed by the UN, poses a dangerous threat to the safety and security of American citizens. The terrorist ISIS group already successfully has infiltrated the refugee influx into Europe and pledges to act the same here. In both Europe and the U.S., we continue to witness the deadly consequences of radical Islamic terrorists exploiting weak refugee and immigration policies, here aided by our Muslim-oriented former president. The repetition of attacks, in Paris and Nice in Europe, and in San Bernardino, Orlando, and Boston in the U.S., mandates that we no longer ignore this escalating danger. The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI director, and Director of National Intelligence all have testified that currently we cannot properly vet or screen refugees coming from Syria and other terrorist volatile areas. Notwithstanding, President Obama defied these warnings and proceeded to expand our admission of Muslim refugees totaling 110,000 for 2017. Welcoming these thousands from nations compromised by terrorist activity, e.g., Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen is foolhardy and must stop.

HR 80.
Babin introduced HR 80 to immediately suspend U.S. participation in the flawed UN resettlement program. The bill reasserts congressional authority over the refugee resettlement program by imposing a moratorium on all Muslim refugees, until Congress gives specific approval of a reconstituted security screening program. Congress must pass a joint resolution giving DHS authority to readmit these refugees. The bill would stop this dangerous expansion of incoming refugees under the flawed UN plan. It would address the gaping chasm in our national security, as our enemies and their tactics continually change. The Government Accountability Office and Comptroller-Gen. of the U.S. would report to Congress on the national security impact of refugee admissions and the specific costs for each of the previous 10 years of giving these refugees benefits and services under Medicare, Medicaid, SS disability, food stamps, and low income rental housing aid. Information would include the average duration for which each alien received benefits, the percentage of such aliens who received this largesse, and the cost per year to each program. Reports would list the number of these refugees who paid federal income tax or federal employment tax during the first year after admittance. Cong. Don Bacon (NE) and Steve King (IA.) gratefully have co-sponsored this bill. Watch the following youtube explanation of HR 80: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHQb35WHL1g.

America can and should help such displaced refugees by caring for them in safe zones in or near their own countries. For the huge cost of bringing 1 refugee here on a path to citizenship, we can help 12 or more in such protected zones. Moreover, the UN program does not prioritize religious minorities like Christians for refugee status, despite its arguments. The most persecuted Syrians, Christians and Yazidis, have little opportunity for resettlement here. This outrage provides another reason to suspend our participation in the UN program. Contact Reps. Jeff Fortenberry (202-225-4806, https://fortenberry.house.gov) and Adrian Smith (202-225-6435, https://adriansmith.house.gov) to vote YES on HR 80 and co-sponsor this bill. The safety of NE citizens depends on its passage.

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