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BACKGROUND. Liberal senators are pushing 2 legislative resolutions to encourage the continued residence of illegal aliens in Nebraska and to encourage the immigration to our state by unvetted Muslim refugees. President Trump has begun the accelerated deportation of illegal aliens from the U.S., so the first resolution would directly contradict his efforts and embarrass our state. Enticing unvetted Muslims to reside here also directly contradicts the objective of our President and would only encourage terrorists posing as refugees to come here and wreak murder and mayhem among our unsuspecting citizens.

LR 26
, sponsored by leftist Sen. Tony Vargas from South Omaha, states that Nebraskans support young illegal aliens brought here by their parents or who have fled from home nations here, temporarily given amnesty by former Pres. Obama. The resolution builds on the rationale that the Legislature in 2006 passed a bill to allow young illegals who grew up and enjoyed free education here, and, having resided in NE for at least 3 years, to attend our colleges and universities with in-state tuition status. Note that military veterans from other states who attend our higher education institutions do not receive such privilege. In 2012, Obama issued an executive decree for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that permits young illegals who entered the U.S. as children the opportunity to receive renewable 2-yr. periods of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit, allowing them to take jobs from lawful citizens. About 3,300 DACA illegals reside in NE. Vargas referred to LB 623, passed by the Legislature in 2015, that allows young illegals who grew up in the state and enjoyed their free education at taxpayer expense to obtain drivers licenses, so that they could continue to live and work here, taking more jobs from eligible Nebraskans. To compound these legislative nightmares, liberals pushed through a bill in 2016 to permit young illegals who grew up in NE and enjoyed their free education at taxpayer expense to obtain professional and commercial licenses, so that they could take additional jobs meant for legal Nebraskans. Vargas and his liberal allies fear that President Trump will rescind DACA, which will place these illegal aliens in rightful jeopardy. Such is the reason why he wants the Legislature to pass a resolution opposing this Trump measure or other measure that would jeopardize the continued residence in NE of these illegals.

REASONS TO OPPOSE. Ridding NE of these illegal aliens would benefit the state in many ways. Our public schools would not have to spend so much money on special education and English as a Second Language classes. Universities and colleges would have more openings available for students who are lawful citizens. More job openings for legal Nebraskans. Fewer law enforcement and incarceration costs for DACA criminals. Fewer dependents on welfare. Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is the only group that publicly opposes LR 26.

SUPPORTERS. Liberal senators John McCollister, Matt Hansen, and Pansy Brooks co-sponsored this resolution. Testifying in favor of LR 26 at the Judiciary Comm. hearing were several leftists and the usual suspects, the Center for Rural Affairs, the Heartland Workers Center, One World Community Health Centers (receives gobs of government money for treating illegals), Latino American Commission, Nebraskans for Peace, League of Women Voters, Justice for Our Neighbors, and Nebraska Appleseed Center. Voting to advance the resolution from committee to the full Legislature were Sens. Roy Baker, Ernie Chambers, Laura Ebke, Matt Hansen, Bob Krist, Adam Morfeld, and Pansy Brooks. One major reason for defending DACA youth is to gain additional Democrat votes.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Email, call, or write a letter to your state senators today to urge them to vote NO on LR 26, to send their constituents a clear and concise message that they do not want to encourage illegal aliens to continue to reside in Nebraska and offer them special privileges. Resolutions do not go to the Governor for his approval, so he cannot veto this resolution. Email if you need contact information for your senator.

Research, documentation, and analysis for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 4-17 C.

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