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BACKGROUND. The U.S. accepts over twice the number of refugees as all other industrialized nations. We settled almost 70,000 refugees from the Mideast in 2014 and continue to accept about 1,000 monthly. The number of Syrian and other Muslim refugees will surge in the next few years, and the Obama Regime has agreed to accept the majority of them at the behest of UN services, which pressures the Administration about numbers of refugees to accept.1 The State Dept. secretly has designated 180 cities in 49 states as dumping grounds for these refugees, who will become eligible within a few months for welfare and refugee assistance programs. This department does not announce where it intends to dump foreign refugees for resettlement, locations appearing on federal government databases weeks after arrivals in cities. Even the media has no clue. Lincoln, Schuyler, and Crete already signed on to accept these refugees. The Obama Regime and their refugee aid allies declare that, because the U.S. causes most of the chaos in the Middle East, we have a moral obligation to settle its refugees, though they emigrate from all Muslim countries.

TERRORIST RISK. President Obama and his liberal congressional allies prepare to accept over 100,000 refugees into the U.S., about 10,000 from war-torn Syria. Both the Dept. of Homeland Security and the FBI state that they cannot screen all these arrivals to ferret out terrorists. One homeland security official admitted that “in many countries of the world from which we have traditionally accepted refugees over the years the U.S. government did not have extensive data holdings.” The immigration service director admitted at a congressional hearing on the Obama refugee resettlement program that the U.S. has no method to vet these refugees, because Syria and several other Mideast nations have no intelligence databases to ID terrorists or their sympathizers. Police and intelligence services that normally provide such information do not exist there. The State Dept. takes 18-24 months to screen an applicant for security purposes and possible affiliation with terrorist groups. Syria holds many radical Islamists, some linked to the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda. National security concerns never stop the Obama Regime from helping potential terrorists enter the U.S. The regime offered amnesty to Yemeni refugees, a place with an active Al-Qaeda operation. A State Dept. report confirmed that Yemen is the breeding grounds for several realistic plans to attack the U.S. homeland.2 The flood of these refugees will create opportunity for Muslim terrorists to infiltrate our state. Examine Europe, where Muslim refugees appear opportunistic, loudly demanding immediate free housing and other amenities. 72% are men of military age, not destitute. Very few elderly, women, or children. These refugees are potential terrorists, so it is foolhardy to bring them here, creating a jihadi pipeline in Nebraska. The Islamic State already claims 4,000 adherents in Europe and boasts that it will exploit the U.S. refugee program. Obama signed an executive order to allow Palestinians loyal to Hamas to resettle in the U.S., ordering spending of $20.3 million in migration assistance to these refugees and conflict victims in Gaza. Free airline tickets with housing and food allowances to individuals who overwhelmingly support a terrorist group. Obama unwittingly or purposely is allowing immigration of ISIS terrorists openly hiding among refugees, making it easy for them to conduct deadly terrorist attacks in Nebraska and other states. Jewish Nebraska residents and their community centers would appear particularly vulnerable, as these refugees consider Israel their worst enemy.

HAS HAPPENED HERE. A Muslim refugee admitted from Uzbekistan and living in Idaho arrested, convicted, and jailed for planning to teach terrorist recruits how to build bombs. He had bullets and bomb-making materials and wanted to get close to the “infidels” and attack military installations in Idaho and Texas. His entire family won refugee status here by claiming to be persecuted Christians. A Muslim refugee attending college in Oregon attempted to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. A refugee from Yemen after receiving citizenship arrested for trying to join ISIS, charged with trying to illegally buy guns to shoot American military personnel. The FBI belatedly realized that immigration had allowed entrance to dozens of Iraqi terrorists posing as refugees. Surveillance tapes showed them boasting about using sniper rifles to kill U.S. soldiers north of Baghdad and blowing up our tanks. They had settled comfortably in public housing in Kentucky. The Boston Marathon bombers had received asylum with their families in the U.S., based on alleged persecution of Muslims in Chechnya by Russians. Hundreds of Somali refugees granted quick U.S. citizenship because of fear of persecution at home appeared to shed their fear suddenly when returning to engage in terrorism with Al-Shabab or ISIS in Syria. The ringleader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and his cohort, the Blind Sheik, both won asylum for persecution reasons. Many others have earned prosecution and jail sentences for sending money or material support to terrorist groups.

NEBRASKA COLLABORATORS. Nebraska is Home is a project of the leftist Nebraska Appleseed legal group and connected to Welcoming America, leftist community initiatives to create a pleasant atmosphere for 3rd World refugees.3 Nebraska is Home has chapters in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Crete, and Schuyler, all these points already saturated with illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. In 2013, Welcoming America designated Lincoln as an official Welcoming City. Liberal Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler signed a proclamation honoring the city commitment. Welcoming Week in Nebraska this year ran from Sept. 12-20. Joining in this celebration was the radical, which trains leftwing community organizers and provides monetary support. The effort urged public officials to issue proclamations and local governing bodies to issue resolutions supporting this cause. Community organizers pledge to advise refugees on their rights to government services. Lincoln, Crete, and Schuyler all participated in the Obama White House task force- launched Building Welcoming Communities Campaign that works with local communities. This Obama Regime effort included distribution of materials, profiling communities on the White House website, and using our federal tax $$ to fund community action activities. Crete Mayor Roger Foster joined representatives from Nebraska is Home and NE Appleseed at the White House to plan future endeavors. Schuyler Mayor Dave Reinecke stated, “We realize the positive impact that new people to our community have made.” Apparently, he has not spoken to former Schuyler residents who have fled the town as it has evolved into a Third World Hispanic enclave. Welcoming Week 2014 activities included a film in Columbus and Schuyler that followed the lives of 4 illegal alien teens, a Hastings presentation on why hordes of illegal alien children from Central America should find safe haven in Nebraska, and an Omaha Diversity Conference. Lutheran Family Services, Lutheran Refugee Services of Lincoln, Catholic Social Services, and South Sudan Community Association have pledged to help settle hundreds of Syrian refugees here. Funding for these local groups bases on numbers of refugees served, so these contractors have an incentive to increase the number of refugees they settle in Nebraska. Staff and management of these entities are mostly refugees or immigrants themselves, eager to gain entry for their relatives or co-ethnics, with no regard for local government budgets. The organizations themselves decide to which communities the refugees go; surprised communities have no voice in the decision. The public hears almost nothing about these secretive decisions until media reports of citizens outraged about increased crime and welfare costs and saturated schools. These sponsoring groups incur responsibility for their charges for only 4 months, then dump them on the taxpaying public. Notwithstanding their humanitarian rhetoric, these groups refuse continued use of their own resources for refugees they resettle. The Lutheran Immigrant Aid Society, which obtains 97% of its income from taxpayers, demands that the U.S. resettle 10,000 Syrians and raise the refugee cap to 200,000. We Welcome Refugees appeals to churches to promulgate this influx and provides sample talking points, videos, and other propaganda for congregations.4 Remember your history about similar collaborators. The Vichy French and Quislings from Norway welcomed the Nazi invaders with open arms, subjecting their countrymen to unspeakable horrors.

TAXPAYER BURDEN. The rule of self-sufficiency of refugees steadily has eroded to meaningless. A refugee now considered self-sufficient though eligible for the following within a month or little later: Medicaid, child care, WIC program, foster care and adoption assistance payments, food stamps, subsidized housing, language tutoring, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance, developmental disability payments, energy assistance, postsecondary education loans and grants, and refugee aid programs. 92% of Muslim refugees are getting food stamps, 69% receiving cash welfare benefits. Refugees bask in life-long cash welfare programs. Refugee welfare use endemic but never counted among advocates as part of program costs.

HEALTH RISK. Incoming refugees will have no screening for communicable diseases like TB, AIDs, and an assortment of venereal afflictions.

EDUCATION BURDEN. Taxpayers in OPS pay for a pre-K program specifically for young Muslim children as their parents learn English, serving over 600 parents in 2014. Teachers incur stress having to teach the meanings of homework, the word “no,” and avoiding embarrassment while offering lessons in personal hygiene and dental health. Teachers visit student homes to instruct how to use a refrigerator and stove and which groceries to place in the fridge or pantry shelf. OP$ spends $17 million already on its English as a Second Language program for immigrant students. Lincoln spent an extra $2.1 million in FY 2015-2016 to handle a refugee children influx into its schools. Praise to OPS teachers who help Muslim migrants deal with government bureaucrats, drive kids to the hospital, offer clothes, and sit as a birth coach for a pregnant student. Teachers fill bins of used clothing and shoes at their schools. Unpaid for serving as surrogate parents.

CRIME INCREASE. The Sudanese, now numbering about 15,000, originally arrived here for jobs, jobs that Nebraskans could hold. Resettlement of Sudanese Muslims has seen a rising tide of youth and gang violence in Omaha. Weekend fights between those of different tribes, shootings, and robberies have placed many in Omaha hospitals and jail. Sudanese street gangs numbering over 350 individuals cause serious violence, according to the Omaha Police Dept. gang unit. Murdered witnesses, drive-by shootings, and robberies have proliferated. These gangs have spread to Lincoln and other Midwest cities. Sudanese community leaders do not deny gang existence but excuse it as misguided youths suffering from immigration trauma and poverty. A strain on law enforcement costs. The taxpayer becomes shackled for many services rendered these Muslim immigrants in already crime-ridden neighborhoods and housing projects serving as crime nurseries, adding to neighborhoods having the highest rates of crime and violence.

NO ASSIMILATION. Assimilation is no longer a goal for the Obama Regime or its collaborative agencies. Maintenance of ethnic identities in communities already inundated by thousands of refugees has seen ethnic enclaves and radicalized communities evolve, like Dearborn, MI. and Minneapolis, where Americans are unwelcome and police designate no-go areas. Muslim refugees seek to alter our Nebraska culture and values to match their own. About 6,000 reside in the Omaha Metro area. Some Muslim refugees practice female genital mutilation on baby girls, risking them for lifelong sexual disfigurement. The child suffers excruciating pain during this Muslim rite of passage.

HYPOCRITES. VP Joe Biden is a loud proponent of this refugee influx, yet his home state of Delaware resettles fewer than 10 of these refugees annually. Washington, D.C. accepted fewer than 200 between 2007 and 2012. In June, 2015,14 Democrat senators called for resettlement of 65,000 Syrian refugees but offered to take none in their home states.

CANDIDATES TO AVOID. Presidential candidate Marco Rubio would import additional Muslims by ending green card caps for foreign students and tripling the number of foreign workers admitted with visas, all part of his New American Economy. Candidate Lindsey Graham(nesty) agrees that the U.S. must allow in more Muslim refugees. Carly Fiorina gave a speech in Minneapolis in which she defended the cultural, legal, and scientific heritage of the Muslim world and welcomed their refugees. Jeb Bush avidly boasts of his plan to offer amnesty to all illegal aliens in the U.S., no matter their country of origin.

TAKE ACTION NOW. The Obama refugee program diverts financial resources for the very countries in the Third World from which stem the refugee crises. Money the Obama Regime spends to settle 1 Muslim refugee here could help 500 overseas where they live. Gov. Sam Brownback emphatically has rejected the resettlement of Somali Muslims in Kansas. Do not allow NE communities to transform into unrecognizable Third World enclaves, where ungrateful refugees overwhelm local governments with demands for welfare services, special treatment for their kids in public schools, banning of Christmas carols, and insistence that local restaurants not serve pork products on their menus. Join our NTF Protect Nebraska Now Project and help us win pledges from our state and local officials to oppose the dumping of hundreds of unvetted Muslim refugees in Nebraska communities. Email Take one of our project packets to your state senator, mayor, city council member, county commissioner, school board member, and other local officials. Circulate one of our petitions. Win pledges from them to oppose Muslim refugees flooding your community. Tell them that you do not want semi-autonomous neighborhoods in your town like exist in Dearborn, MI., where Muslim residents do not consider themselves part of the local society and refuse to assimilate or fly the American Flag. Resist by speaking out against those who collaborate with this resettlement. Write an editorial to your newspaper. Call in to a local radio talk show about this clear and present danger. Read The Red-Green Axis, by James Simpson, which tells how the Radical Left, leftwing philanthropists, and the Obama Regime have joined forces to use the U.S. refugee resettlement program to fundamentally transform America.

Research, analysis, and documentation for this issue paper done by NE Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by NTF, with prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 10-15 C

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