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U.S. immigration system is not broken, only overwhelmed.
Immigration is driving our population growth.
Because of uncontrolled immigration, U.S. population is growing at a greater rate than in Red China.
If no reform, U.S. population will reach 1 billion in 100 years, depleting our natural resources.
We will have difficulty sustaining our food and water resources.
Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $113+ billion annually at federal, state, and local levels.
$84.2 billion absorbed by state and local governments.
$52 billion to educate illegal alien kids absorbed by state and local taxpayers.
The tax burden from illegal aliens compared to taxes they pay is a 266% difference.
Illegal aliens receive Social Security payments for time they claim to have worked, without producing proof.

Drivers licenses.
The NE Legislature extended a welcome mat to deferred action illegal aliens given drivers licenses, including those enrolled in adult education classes, who need not offer proof that they are deferred action individuals.
Offering drivers licenses encourages minors to cross the border.
Obama DACA offered only legal presence, not legal citizenship status.
In other states offering licenses, many DACA recipients immediately dropped their vehicle insurance.

Illegal Alien Children.
Other than Mexican kids detained undergo increased processing time and cost and serve longer detentions.
Most non-Mexican minors sneaking into the U.S. are transported inland within 12 hrs.
Detained children must enter the local/state welfare system within 72 hrs. of crossing the border.
80% of border patrol agents are processing these kids instead of patrolling the border, and the smuggling cartels understand such, so they encourage children to cross.
A U. of Texas report states that lack of deterrence increases the number of kids crossing the border.
Kids told that showing up at our border means immediate qualification for welfare aid.
In 2011, 5,236 kids crossed the border. In 2014, 68,541 crossed.
One source states that 70% of these kids, 48,000, never showed up for their immigration hearings. Border Patrol cites 90%.
The docket dates are so filled that dates are already in 2019.
Parents give their kids birth control pills to take if raped by cartel members while crossing the border.
Some kids die by falling off trains in Mexico or die from dehydration in the desert.
One rancher has found 260 bodies on his Texas ranch.

Refugee Resettlement.
Thousands of Syrians are deposited in Nebraska, but the state cannot stop this federal refugee resettlement.
Each refugee can access welfare for 5 years and gain preferential job treatment.
Within 2 yrs., one Minnesota county property taxes skyrocketed 50% in each year, as Somalis became 10% of its population.
People here now cannot sell their homes
Minnesota has the most generous welfare benefits.
The Somalis from various tribes fight constantly, a burden on local law enforcement.
Somalis do not assimilate; fearful law enforcement tags no-go zones.
One tribe celebrates “Black Hawk Down Day,” an insult to America.
In Dearborn, Mich., one can hear a Muslim call to prayer 5 times daily, as 80% of the population is Muslim.

Drug Cartels.
Illegals pay drug cartels $4,000-$8,000 per person to get across our southern border.
Drug cartels send their members into the U.S. who then claim to be minors but then begin the drug trade.
Thousands of Mexican gang members have located in LA and NYC, sitting next to our kids in public schools.
They recruit Mexican teens detained in the U.S. and recruit American high schoolers & collegians by offering cars and money.
If there is a drug problem in your kid’s school, there is a cartel problem.
99% of children of illegal aliens, in jail, have no respect for U.S. laws.
Cartels have military equipment, and U.S. law enforcement cannot differentiate them from the Mexican military.
Cartels can outgun any American police force.
Cartels behead people in Arizona and harvest human organs in Mexico for sale.
They engage in human trafficking prostitution.
U.S. is facing narco-terrorism from Mexico.
The I-80-I-35 intersection is a big route for the drug trade.
Cartels are infiltrating and influencing legislatures and law enforcement.
They like overwhelming our border, because they profit and keep Border Patrol occupied.
Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world because of the cartels.
We must use the military to confront cartels, not offer amnesty.
In 2013, Obama released 36,007 convicted criminal illegals into our neighborhoods, criminals convicted of homicide, rape, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. 169 were murderers.
Immigration service warrants must be criminal, not administrative, to have effect.
99.9% of illegals deported for criminal activity were amnestied in 1986.
Many illegals re-enter the U.S. several times. The law states a felony for a 2nd offense, but most incur only a misdemeanor fine.
Mexican consulates offer ID cards to non-Mexicans to make money; they utilize no database.

Take action.
Demand from state officials the number of illegal aliens in our state prison system.
Boycott businesses that hire illegal aliens.
Join the FAIR-NTF Project Immigration to stop illegal immigration in Nebraska.
We no longer have national sovereignty; we are strangers in our own land.

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