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BACKGROUND. Conservative State Sen. Tyson Larson (O’Neill) has introduced LB 111, to require voters to show government-issued photo ID at the polls. Bill co-sponsors are conservative Sens. Brasch, Ebke, Kintner, and Schilz. The state would provide free ID cards to the indigent. The bill, now assigned to the Government and Military Affairs Comm., will have a public hearing by this committee soon. Conservative Sen. John Murante is the chairman of this committee, so he undoubtedly will conduct a fair hearing.

BILL CONTENT. Before voting in person, an individual must present a valid government-issued photo ID document. Examples are as follows: current Nebraska drivers license, NE state ID card, or current federal government ID card. Anyone applying for a state ID card and indicates indigent status will receive such card at no cost. Anyone applying to vote by mail and registering in Nebraska for the first time must submit with application a copy of such valid and current ID document. Enclosed instructions must alert prospective voter to include ID information. County election commissioners or county clerks must post at each polling place on election day information informing voters that they must provide such ID or alternatively vote a provisional ballot subject to later verification.

VOTER ID NECESSARY. Currently, anyone can walk into a polling place, give your name and address, and vote under your name. You come in later and suffer shock to discover that someone impersonated you and stole your vote. LB 111 would curb existing and future voter fraud at the polls. Few Nebraskans lack drivers licenses or state ID cards. This photo ID standard will withstand constitutional challenge, because the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 upheld a similar Indiana requirement. Similar legislation already has sailed to victory in Wisconsin, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and South Carolina. The U.S. Supreme Court in Oct., 2014 permitted Texas to use and enforce its strict photo voter ID law for the Nov. 2014 election. 34 states in 2011 introduced bills to impose or strengthen voter ID requirements; 7 states enacted legislation. 15 states now require photo IDs, and 31 states have ID requirements. One must present ID to rent a movie or a vehicle, cash a check, or board a plane, and this bill is not more discriminatory. Kris Kobach, Kansas Sec. of State, states that hundreds or thousands of illegal aliens could be voting in his state, canceling votes of legal citizens. A similar situation could be happening here. Kobach campaigned on this legislation, the mainstay of his legislative agenda. His bill also required prospective voters to prove citizenship when registering, a positive possible addition to LB 111.

Studies by constitutional scholar Larry Sabato prove that voter fraud is real, a danger to the integrity of ballot boxes around the nation. One of the most vocal supporters of strict voter ID laws, Texas Att.- Gen. and now Gov. Greg Abbott, told the Houston Chronicle that his office prosecuted about 50 cases of voter fraud in recent years. “I know for a fact that voter fraud is real, that it must be stopped, and that voter ID is one way to prevent cheating at the ballot box and ensure integrity in the electoral system.” Liberals who oppose such bills understand the closeness of elections and want to win at all costs. Investigations in 10 states resulting in indictments saw all except one case involving Democrats. Remember the 2011 recall election for the mayor of Omaha, when busloads of transients accepted booze money to line up at the office of the election commissioner to vote against the recall. Such explains why this party and its leftist allies fight ID laws. They want to tilt elections in their direction by cheating. Their second goal is to exacerbate racial tensions by falsely claiming that conservatives want to deny minorities, the infirm, and the elderly the right to vote and engage in voter suppression. Actually, in southern states, minority voter turnout in numbers and percentages of voter population increased after voter ID laws took effect. A 2014 Washington Post poll found that 74% of respondents strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that voters should be required to show a government-issued ID when voting.

LIBERAL OPPONENTS. A leading opponent is the liberal League of Women Voters of Nebraska, which claims that voter fraud is not a problem here, though the main intent of the bill is to prevent future fraud. Other leftist opponents include the usual suspects: The American Civil Liberties Union-NE, NE Appleseed, Bold Nebraska, the teachers union, and AARP. Leftist Sen. Adam Morfeld pledged to mount a filibuster. Liberals argue about inconveniences to some. However, Supreme Court Justice Stevens wrote in the 2008 Indiana decision, “And even assuming that the burden may not be justified as to a few voters, that conclusion is by no means sufficient” to block the entire law. Stevens added that the photo ID requirement was constitutional, because Indiana had a legitimate state interest in preventing voter fraud, modernizing elections, and safeguarding voter trust. ”There is no question about legitimacy or importance of a state‘s interest in counting only eligible voters,” he added.

THE STATISTICS. The difference between Nebraskans who can vote with a drivers license photo ID and those without a license totals 42,090. The cost for a state ID for 5 yrs. is $24, thus, the cost for the state to issue IDs to everyone without a license totals $1,010,160, which initially appears a huge amount. This amount would cost each licensed driver a surcharge of less than 80c every 5 yrs. to cover the cost of these voter IDs to prohibit fraud. Residents who have no state drivers license but have other valid forms of ID, such as military, federal, and state employees, would lower this cost.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Nebraska voters demand confidence and integrity in our voting system, and they deserve it. This measure does not discriminate or deny a citizen the right to legally vote. It only helps to prove who is a legitimate voter. Opposing this bill only encourages illegal voting. Remember that NE elections sometimes are closely contested! Contact your state senator today to vote FOR LB 111. Contact Sen. Tyson Larson at District 40, State Capitol, Lincoln, NE. 68509, 402-471-2801; email: tlarson@leg.ne.gov, to personally offer your support.

Voter Identification Laws In Force in 2014
Strict Photo ID:
Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia 
Strict Non-Photo ID:
Arizona, North Dakota, Ohio

Non-Strict Photo ID:
Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota
Non-Strict Non-Photo ID:
Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Washington

Research and documentation for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the Nebraska Conservative Coalition Network. 1-15. C

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