Here we offer articles which will help clarify the principles NTF stands for, including many real world examples:

From “CNBC” web site:
Social Security’s in worse shape than you thought: Study

From “JUDICIAL WATCH” web site:
DHS Launches “Family Reunification” Refugee Program

From “THE DAILY CALLER” web site:
President Barack Obama’s November amnesty will give $1.7 billion in taxpayers’ cash to illegal immigrants, according to a congressional study.

From “JUDICIAL WATCH” web site:
First Family Vacations: Judicial Watch has been at the forefront of exposing the trips and the waste of taxpayer dollars

From “THE DAILY CALLER” web site:
The Seven Biggest Liberal Fails Of 2014

From “RESTORING LIBERTY” web site:
Congressional Report: Obama Weaponized IRS Against Conservatives

From “RESTORING LIBERTY” web site:
Obamacare Taxpayer Funded Insurance Company Insolvent

From “RESTORING LIBERTY” web site:
America Cannot Heed This Sirens’ Song And Hope to Remain Free



SPEECH TO NTF BY SUSAN TULLY, FEDERATION FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM: 6-10-15 & 6-11-15. Illegal128.doc. 6-15. Introduction. U.S. immigration system is not broken, only overwhelmed. Immigration is driving our population growth. Because of uncontrolled immigration, U.S. population is growing at a greater rate than in Red China. If no reform, U.S. population will reach 1 […] Read more »


NTF opposes any extension of term limits for Unicameral terms. Read more »

NTF Testifies For Charter Schools

Gwen Aspen from our NTF Education Watch Project testifies in favor of LB-616, a Charter Schools Bill. After her comments, view haranguing from Sen. Tanya Cook. Read more »

NTF Christmas Party

Christmas Party guests included Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner, Omaha City Council member Aimee Melton and Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert. Read more »

Katie Kieffer Autographs Book at NTF Meeting

Katie Kieffer, author of Let Me Be Clear, autographed her book at the November NTF meeting. Read more »

Kagan Comments on Land Bank Possibilities

View WOWT Report Read more »

NTF Holds Candidate Workshop

Current office holders, aspiring office holders, and many others who are interested in Nebraska politics gathered on March 8, 2014. The morning session addressed precinct level political activities while the afternoon session dealt with use of social media as an element of today’s political campaign strategies. Five current political notables presented in panel discussion mode […] Read more »

NTF Hosted American Majority's "Winning Strategies" Workshop on 2-22-14

  Read more »


Remember the Monster Mash?  If you thought that was scary, the technical problems with the ObamaCare website are just the tip of the iceberg: Read more »


NTF issue paper: taxplan20.doc.  10-13. NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM ISSUE PAPER: REPEAL INCOME TAX ON NEBRASKA RETIREMENT INCOME.  BACKGROUND.  Nebraska retirees find themselves at a financial disadvantage compared to retirees in other states.   Facing continuing high property taxes, their savings suffer further losses from taxation on retirement income.  Older Nebraskans face state income taxes on […] Read more »


As you know we had hail damage to several thousand homes in the area. I interviewed several roofing companies, and I was able to finally pick one. I want to warn you about companies selling their company’s name and using cheap labor and contractor to do the work. In Friday’s OWH a family has their […] Read more »

Agenda 21 - Is It Real?

Don’t know what Agenda 21 is?  Wonder how large a probem it is?  Check this out: Go to and click to the BOOK section.  Type LOCAL AGENDA 21 in the title box.  You will find a seemingly endless list (I stopped counting at 300) of books and reports that were written by professionals for professionals […] Read more »

A Little Gun History

“I ask, Sir, what is the militia?  It is the whole people.  To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason, Speech at the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788 Recently, a member’s friend sent him an e-mail based on this article found in Salisbury News.  Snopes cannot debunk […] Read more »

One Percent Solution - No More New Taxes!

This video is dead on. The City of Omaha’s promoted need to issue another occupation tax is just a ruse to make occupation taxes, like the mayor’s tax on restaurant food, common and accepted. Guess what that does? It skirts the requirement to put the tax, as sales taxes are, to a vote of the people. […] Read more »


You read that right.  NTF wants to coin a new phrase to convey its members’ fervent belief that FREEDOM always comes with RESPONSIBILITY.   The right to vote is one of our most cherished freedoms, but let’s remind ourselves once again that voting is also a responsibility. Responsible citizens do their homework to ensure their […] Read more »


NTF believes that taxpayers must educate themselves on the issues of our day in order to become better citizens of our republic.  It is our mission to make this education process easy, objective and inexpensive.  One source that meets those criteria is Khan Academy. Start today with this link to a presentation of the two […] Read more »

Big government - Big lies

One of the biggest challenges a taxpayer faces is the tug-of-war between what we want and what we can afford.  An informed taxpayer makes all the difference in making these difficult decisions.  Informed taxpayers make informed voters, so find out why politicians lie in this Thomas Sowell column. Read more »

Taxpayer Alert: How gullible are you?

Ever wonder why the presidential race is so close with the worst economy since the Great Depression?  Here’s one theory:  Click here. Read more »


During the debate on ObamaCare, Obama Regime minions loudly proclaimed that if we liked our present health care plan, we could keep it, that the law would create 4 million jobs.  Since the law passed, insurance providers have dropped coverage and laid off employees.  The Des Moines Register reported that an Iowa insurance company no […] Read more »