The Nebraska Tax Payers for Freedom invites you, your family, relatives and friends to our July 3 Independence Day Rally to be held at the Walnut Grove Park @ 150th & Q Street Omaha, Nebraska from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Patriotic music, door prizes, free food and drinks, a great group of patriotic people and much more. It will be an opportunity to put your questions to some of your elected officials.

Guest Speakers Include:
Senator Ben Sasse
Governor Pete Rickets
Mayor Jean Stothert
State Senator Kintner
State Senator Riepe
Retired General Don Bacon

NTF volunteers to help call NTF Members for the July 3 Independence Day Rally. Call 402.981.7575 to volunteer.
Food Service help needed for the NTF July 3 Independence Day Rally from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Call 402.333.3368 to volunteer.

View photos of several speakers from previous events:


Bus to Oppose Obamacare

UPDATE: Bill killed for this year!

Join us in filling a bus to Lincoln Tuesday March 18 to oppose
Obamacare (Expanded Medicaid bill LB 887).  We will be leaving from
JC Penney at the Westroads at 8:30 AM and we will be back in Omaha
around 12:30.

Team leaders will be paired up to help so NO ONE goes alone to see
their State Senators to voice your opinion. 

While at the Capitol you will receive a Nebraska Unicameral
2014 Roster - A very handy book to keep in touch with your State Senator
by phone, email, and by mail.

Call to confirm by calling Doug Kagan 402-320-6515 or Sheila Heieck

*During the time on the bus you will be meeting and learning from
leaders of your community*