Education Watch II


The University of Nebraska system has digested enormous amounts of our tax money to fund deficit appropriations, unnecessary, frivolous expenses, inflated teacher, administrator, and staff salaries, and luxurious accommodations for top administrators.  Our tax dollars fund a left-wing and superfluous classroom curriculum and classroom teaching. Too often, the University Board of Regents has requested such funding, with hardly a whimper of protest from the taxpaying public, creating bloated budgets to feed rapacious bureaucratic appetites. They believe that better education can arise only from increased tax funding, and the continued infiltration of our  university campuses by “multicultural diversity” and politically correct crowds, and this will continue until conservative, traditional, taxpaying parents and other citizens begin to monitor the University system and Board of Regents to stop the scourge of reckless spending and valueless instruction.

We provide information and materials to members interested in increasing fiscal and curricular educational responsibility.  We believe that the University system must undergo fundamental fiscal reform to make it more responsive and efficient in meeting the academic needs of students and more accountable for what students actually learn.  Education Monitor II pledges to create this fundamental change by increasing the awareness of taxpaying Nebraskans about opportunities for substantial improvement in the quality of higher education through their personal involvement and use of our resources.  Also, we must replace at the next election University regents who thwart the will of fiscally conservative Nebraskans!


  1. Monitor the University Board of Regents meetings and note discussion of tax, expenditure, and curriculum issues.  Its web site is at .
  2. Study the board budget request to the Legislature and board curriculum guidelines.
  3. Write, fax, email, or call your regent regarding your opinion(s) and request a reply.
  4. Write, fax, or email your state senator regarding appropriations for program-funding requests by regents.
  5. Monitor the votes of university regents via news reports or the regents’ internet web site.
  6. Save for future reference regent and state senator votes and replies to your communications.
  7. Relay these materials to NTF, P.O. Box 6452-0452, Omaha, NE. 68106.