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District school boards throughout the state have raised our taxes enormously and outrageously to fund unnecessary, frivolous expenses, wasteful and duplicative programs, social engineering schemes, inflated teacher, administrator, and staff salaries, new, luxurious administration buildings, and to fund left-wing and politically correct classroom curriculum materials.

Too often, school boards have committed such travesties with hardly a whimper of protest from the taxpaying public, adopting bloated budgets to feed rapacious bureaucratic appetites and believe that better education can arise only from increased funding. Continued infiltration of our school systems by socialist groups and thinkers will continue until conservative, traditional, taxpaying parents and other overtaxed citizens begin to monitor their school boards to stop the scourge of high taxes and wasteful spending.

We provide information and materials to members interested in increasing educational responsibility and choice.  We believe that public schools must undergo fundamental administrative restructuring to make them more responsive and efficient in meeting the academic needs of children and become more accountable for what students actually learn.  Education Monitor I pledges to create this fundamental change by increasing the awareness of Nebraskans about opportunities for substantial improvement in the quality of education through their personal involvement and use of our resources.  Also, remember that fiscally conservative school board members need our support and that we must work diligently to elect additional ones!


  1. Attend your district school board committees and general meetings to listen to discussion of tax, expenditure, and curriculum issues.
  2. Study the annual board budget and curriculum outlines.
  3. Speak to the board publicly regarding your opinion(s).
  4. Follow up your presentation with a letter, phone call, fax, or email to your board member and request a reply.
  5. Monitor school board member votes and relay them to NTF at P.O. Box 6452, Omaha, NE. 68106.
  6. Monitor and track the deliberations and votes of state board of education members on fiscal and curriculum issues.
  7. Join other NTF members as an Education Monitor I Taxpayer Watchdog.
  8. Recruit fiscal conservatives to run as candidates for school board positions.

Omaha Public Schools podcast. NTF testimony starts at about 25 min. into video. Doug Kagan testifies



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Common Core Problems

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ObamaCare Impact on Local Schools

Recently Millard School Board member, Mike Kennedy, was quoted in the Investor's Business Daily for his comments about how ObamaCare has impacted not only taxpayer costs negatively, but also medical care for Millard School District employees and their families. Please help with the fight over this wretched law that tyrannizes taxpayers - especially those on fixed incomes. For more details on this issue, see our issue paper on ObamaCare. Read more »