Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration into Nebraska has increased dramatically since 1990, especially in the Omaha metropolitan area.  Nebraska has a higher rate of immigrant-fueled population increase than the median level for America, about 24% of our state population increase.  Nebraska is drawing higher numbers of illegal aliens for a number of reasons, such as jobs in the meatpacking industry.  However, an increasing number are involved in lucrative drug trafficking and street gangs and are responsible for the higher per capita murder rate in our larger cities.  I-80 has become a major drug pipeline across the U.S.  Nebraska law officers intercept drug couriers and vans crammed with illegals, overwhelming local jail facilities.  Illegals operate many of the methamphetamine labs in our state.  Many become attracted by the generous level of welfare payments for which they immediately are eligible. They cause outbreaks of diseases that we eradicated here long ago.  Illegal aliens driving without valid licenses are responsible for an inordinate number of vehicle accidents in which innocent parties are killed or maimed.  Children of these aliens flood our schools, especially in Omaha, and cost higher taxes to fund bilingual education.  There exists danger to our American nationality when illegal immigrants refuse to become assimilated into Nebraska society or learn English, when they consider themselves still of a foreign nationality.

We have a right to expect that people who emigrate to Nebraska will come here lawfully and become assimilated into our Midwestern culture that already has assimilated so many people from foreign nationalities.  Taxpaying Nebraskans, employed or unemployed, deserve employment and promotion without competition from non-citizens, the right to deny tax-funded benefits to non-citizens, and the right to live without fear of crime and drug-dealing by non-citizens.

Specific Objectives: Realize the demographic impact of illegal immigration.

Curtail the influx of illegal immigrants.

Lobby for or against federal/state illegal immigration legislation.

Stop the adverse impacts and effects of illegal immigration on state employment.

Halt the adverse cost impacts of illegal immigration on the state welfare system.

Stop the adverse cost impacts of illegal immigration on the state public health system.

Curtail bilingual and other added education costs to our public school system stemming from illegal immigration.

Repeal the granting of resident Nebraska college tuition rates to illegal aliens.

Curtail the adverse financial impact of illegal immigrants on our state and local law enforcement and criminal justice systems.



Obtain an NTF Illegal Immigration Project packet.

Lobby your national, state, and local elected officials to reform immigration policy.

Urge your congressman to pass legislation to allow for immediate deportation of intercepted illegal aliens, especially those having criminal records or connections to terrorist organizations.

Urge your congressman to pass legislation to charge countries from which illegal aliens migrate for the costs of processing out of our country their citizens.

Urge your state senator and congressman to pass legislation terminating costly bilingual education programs in state public schools.

Urge your state senator and congressman to terminate all welfare payments to illegal aliens and their families.

Urge your state senator to follow our state constitution and require all government documents printed in English.

Urge your city councilman to pass an ordinance to prohibit landlords from renting premises to illegal aliens.

Boycott products and services of businesses that hire illegal aliens.



Current Resource Materials.

Nebraska Constitution on Language.

No Resident College Tuition for Illegal Aliens.

State Senators who Voted YES for Resident College Tuition for Illegals.

NTF Testimony on Illegal Immigration.

Begin a 287g Law Enforcement Cooperation Arrangement.


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