NTF worksheet: president30doc. 2-16.

* In his first memoir in 1995, Obama reflected on his rage, sharing that of his Kenyan Muslim grandfather who he claims suffered torture by British soldiers, while praising his Muslim brother Roy, who swore off “the poisoning influences of European culture,” as “the person who made me proudest of all.”
* In the preface of his 2nd edition memoir in 2004, Obama as a new senator implied that America suffered just punishment for past misdeeds on 9/11, writing that “history returned with a vengeance” on that terrible day.
* In this second memoir, Obama vowed that he “will stand with” Arab and Pakistani Muslims to protect “their sense of security” should their communities be implicated in another terrorist attack on the U.S.
* Obama in his first foreign policy speech in 2009 apologized to world Muslims for our War on Terror, inviting banned Muslim Brotherhood leaders to sit in the front row at his Cairo speech, while declaring “Islam is not part of the problem” and demanding that Israel give Palestinians “a state of their own.”
* Also in 2009, Obama squelched a major investigation of terrorist-financing Muslim Brotherhood front groups and mosques following the successful prosecution of Brotherhood charities by U.S. attorneys.
* He ordered the FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security to delete “jihad” from counterterrorism manuals and fire all FBI trainers who linked terrorism to Islam.
* Obama continually has vowed to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison and transfer Muslim terrorists to America, where they would enjoy full constitutional rights, including habeas corpus, in civilian courts.
* Obama insists on closing Guantanamo Bay and transferring some terrorist prisoners to their home countries, though one of his earlier releases re-emerged as a leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
* Obama exchanged 5 Taliban commanders for a U.S. army deserter/ traitor. The Taliban commanders quickly resumed their terrorist activities.
* Obama began a 2-day summit on combating home-grown violent extremism, stating that Muslim terrorists have “legitimate grievances” that we must satisfy.
* He declared that “the Muslim world has suffered historical grievances” and blamed the explosion of global terrorism partly on “a history of white colonialism” in the Mideast, Africa, and South Asia.
* At a National Prayer Breakfast, Obama told Christians to get off their “high horse” about Muslim terrorism and “remember the terrible deeds in the name of Christ” committed by Crusaders against Muslims 1,000 years ago.
* Obama incredulously credited Muslims with “building the very fabric of our nation” and “the core of our democracy.”
* The president boycotted a world march against terrorism in Paris after the slaughter of anti-Islamist cartoonists by two French Muslims.
* Obama without Senate consent removed sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, despite overwhelming evidence by Israeli and U.S. intelligence proving that Teheran is developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.
* He quickly broke his promise to 9/11 families to release the 28 pages documenting Saudi Arabian and other foreign Muslim sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks.
* Despite Homeland Security and the FBI warning that we cannot screen Muslim immigrants from failed states for terrorist ties and evidence that ISIS has infiltrated their ranks, Obama stubbornly insists on inviting over 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S.
* Immediately after the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Obama called an Oval Office security meeting to quash the Muslim connection.
* In his prime-time speech on terrorism, the president spent half his time cautioning Americans not to blame Muslims.
* The Obama Regime has invited members of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front groups to serve in the Homeland Security and State departments and meet regularly with the U.S. attorney general, the president, and his security advisors in the White House.

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