MUD Issues – Rates & Privatization

Metropolitan Utilities District is involved in two issues that concern NE Taxpayers:

1.  MUD is adding a $5 monthly service charge to our bills, because customers are not using enough water!  Usually, utilities raise rates if customers are using too much of something.

2.  MUD could save $3 million annually over 10 yrs. by outsourcing to private contractors work to replace $500 million, or 520 miles, of natural gas mains, saving 25%+ on the project.  MUD also would avoid adding to its health insurance and pension costs.  Most other utilities contract out natural gas main work.  Opposing this privatization is the IBEW Local 1521 union, which represents about 70% of MUD employees.

Email us at for a list of MUD board members to contact on these issues.

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