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BACKGROUND. President Obama has announced his 10-point plan to award executive amnesty to over 5 million illegal aliens, to prevent their deportation. His action is the latest in his unconstitutional abuse of executive authority in his quest to create a presidential dictatorship. Article 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution states that the power to make a uniform set of laws governing immigration and naturalization belongs to Congress, not the President. This ruse is an open advertisement to the entire world that, if you sneak into the U.S. illegally and wait, you will win legalization. The Obama Dept. of Homeland Security is preparing to produce 34 million green cards and work visas to accommodate the expected influx of illegal aliens.

DISGUSTING DETAILS. This action will offer work permits to illegal aliens and offer complete amnesty to illegal alien parents of U.S. citizen children. There is no firm means to prove who are parents of these illegal kids or how long the parents have resided here illegally. They could have sneaked in last week and claim that they have resided here for years. No Obama investigators will verify truthfulness. His plan also will expand his previous 2012 executive action, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This ploy granted deferred action to illegals who met specific requirements, came to the U.S. before age 16, and arrived before 2007. This ruse shielded them from deportation and allowed them work permits. As of June, 2014, 580,946 illegals took advantage of this program. The revision would permit illegals who entered before 2010 to qualify. The Obama amnesty also would pave the path to citizenship for 500,000 tech workers and their spouses. Within this unilateral package is termination of the Secure Communities program that facilitates information sharing between local law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities to help ID criminal illegals. This program meant to replace the 287(g) program that allowed local officers to enforce federal immigration laws. As a sop to overburdened and abused Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, Obama would increase their pay to heighten their low morale. Morale among ICE officers reached a new depth as illegals expecting presidential amnesty taunted and ridiculed the overworked officers. The cause: The Obama gradual and premeditated dismantling of our immigration system. The president hopes to stifle their frustration, anger, and lawsuits by offering a pay hike. His assumption that money motivates these public servants demonstrates how little respect he shows them. After surrendering to the Red Chinese on a lopsided global warming deal, Obama boasted of including a plan to extend the length of time for visas issued to Red Chinese nationals, to extend the length of time for student visas issued to Chinese nationals from 1 yr. to 5 yrs., and to extend business and tourism visas from 1 yr. to 10 yrs., despite many Chinese “students” and “businessmen” spying on us and stealing our technological secrets. Another facet would allow all family members of illegal aliens a path to citizenship through the military delayed entry program. Some would exploit this offer by joining the military and then not appearing for training. No one can tell how long illegal alien children have resided in the U.S. Some may have lived here a short time, others coming here very recently, expecting amnesty. These 5 million additional adults will become entitled to many rights and privileges, like Social Security, ID cards, work permits, and health and medical care, without evidence that they have job skills or education or training to support themselves. Just as the original Obama DACA plan caused a border surge of illegal aliens last summer, a 412% increase in apprehensions of family units crossing and an 88% hike in nabbing alien kids at our southwest border in 2014 through August, compared to 2013, this amnesty plot will cause a similar influx of illegals. This order will entice additional parents to solicit their kids to enter illegally, exposing them to sex and drug traffickers. Border patrol agents warned that such a new amnesty that relaxes deportation standards would result in about 100,000 more apprehensions next year within one Texas border sector alone. Conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.) called the Obama action a threat to constitutional order, making it impossible to enforce immigration law in the future, and a travesty to take our too few jobs for which our citizens are competing. The Obama plan would grant either refugee status or parole to kids and adults specifically from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, for parents who are legal aliens applying for refugee status for their kids under 21. Those denied refugee status may still become eligible for parole, greatly expanding eligibility. There is no cap on the number of illegals who can receive parole. Thus, Obama is abusing the refugee process and its limited authority of parole to admit people who otherwise are ineligible to immigrate. The amnestied millions could sign up for Obama Care, SS, and Medicare immediately, because fed regs state that paroled aliens are lawfully present. Within 1 yr. they become qualified aliens and after 5 years eligible for all federal welfare benefits.

UNAFFORDABLE. The Obama Amnesty would cost taxpayers hideously. A Heritage Foundation analysis calculates that each illegal alien family unit costs us $24,000 yearly, typically paying about $10,000 annually in taxes. Thus, each illegal adds $14,000 a year to our debt burden. Multiply $14,000 by 5 million illegals who might gain amnesty. The total is $70 billion.

AMNESTY SUPPORTERS. Endorsing the Obama Amnesty are his leftist constituencies like labor unions, which would gain more members, corporations that hire illegals, and militant Hispanic groups. 

AMERICAN OPINION. A Polling Company poll found that 74% of recent voters wanted Obama to cooperate with Congress on immigration instead of acting unilaterally. A poll conducted for Numbers USA discovered that 80% of 806 voters this Nov. 4 thought new jobs should go to citizens, not illegals, including the beneficiaries of the Obama amnesty. A Rasmussen poll in Aug. 2014 showed that 62% of likely voters opposed Obama Amnesty while 26% supported it. These poll results matched other data showing the same.

SOLUTIONS. Conservative congressmen can file a lawsuit against the President to stop his action, but such suit could languish in court for years. They could pass a bill to stop him. The president cannot spend 1 cent unless Congress appropriates it. A similar tactic stopped Obama from closing the Guantanamo prison camp for terrorists. Conservative Cong. Steve King (IA.) is leading the fight by conservatives to nullify this amnesty through the budget process. He would write legislation to specifically defund the Obama amnesty. Conservatives must stop a long-term spending bill that ignores this travesty, or the new Congress will have no authority to cut amnesty funding until next October. Once millions become legalized, it will become impossible politically to revoke this amnesty. The most basic constitutional authority for Congress is its funding power, to direct the spending of appropriated monies. Congress could pass a short-term funding bill to avoid shutdown and in 2015 pass another funding bill that prohibits dollars for Obama Amnesty. The conservative House could pull the Dept. of Homeland Security budget from an omnibus funding bill and attach a rider so that, when Obama vetoes it, only DHS will shut down. Not much of a shutdown, because law enforcement activities continue to function as essential personnel, including ICE. The major component of DHS idled in such budget battle would be the Citizenship & Immigration Services, the same agency that would implement this amnesty. If Obama signs the DHS budget with the rider forbidding his amnesty, then it fizzles. If he vetoes it, DHS that he needs to process the amnesty is dormant, so no amnesty. Conservatives could pass a border protection bill and offer it to the President to sign or veto, thwarting critics who accuse conservatives of immigration inaction.

TAKE ACTION NOW. We must protect and save our jobs, laws, and borders. To remain a sovereign nation with enforceable boundaries, we must protect our people. Contact our 2 senators and 3 representatives now and request that they defund this Obama amnesty, insist on only a short-term spending bill, and reject a long-term omnibus spending bill that cripples ability to halt an executive amnesty. Short-term spending legislation barring expenditures for this amnesty, through a continuing resolution, would require the new, more conservative 2015 Congress to pass another spending bill early next year. Republicans will control both House and Senate and have majority leaders in both houses. Then, Obama must either sign that bill or shut down the government and assume responsibility for that decision. Demand that your reps block funding for production of work permits, photo IDs, drivers licenses, and SS numbers for illegals, the means to steal jobs from unemployed and underemployed citizens. The mere threats to do so may stop Obama from promulgating his amnesty.

Research, analysis, and documentation for this issue paper done by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by other groups in the NE Conservative Coalition Network. 11-14. C

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