As you know we had hail damage to several thousand homes in the area. I
interviewed several roofing companies, and I was able to finally pick one. I
want to warn you about companies selling their company’s name and using cheap
labor and contractor to do the work.

In Friday’s OWH a family has their roof stripped, and the crew realizes it’s the wrong house so what happens? They quit stripping the shingles and go to the right house, which is
near my home without leaving any note or how to contact the contractor for this

How does this happen?  Does the crew read or speak English – No,
and that is the problem.  I researched over 12 different roofing companies and
finally found one that would  guarantee that: #1 their crew were American Citizens, #2 they pay by check rather then a 1099, and #3 a supervisor would be on hand to make sure the work was performed in a professional matter.

Why these requirements?  Some roofing companies sell their name to a cheap contractor that supplies cheap workers who do not pay their taxes. The company pockets the difference.

Then we the citizens pay for the cheap labor by giving them FREE Education, FREE Health Care, and FREE Food Stamps.

If you want a professional Omaha company that will be here in the future, I suggest you ask the contractor the same 3 questions. By the way, the price for replacing my roof, my skylight, and my gutter wasn’t any more for having an All American Crew.

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